Intranet Permissions & Security

A Comprehensive Permission Engine

The Claromentis framework includes a secure permission system to ensure that information is made available to the correct users whilst remaining highly secure.

Main permissions.

The framework allows permissions to be allocated according to individual users, groups and roles.

These can be used in the most appropriate way for your company. For many of our clients, the term 'groups' correspond in general terms to departments or offices, and roles correspond to 'what I do'. In this way it is simple to set up information that for example HR staff can edit and others read - or all managers across the business can access.

Main permissions.

Additional Permissions.

In addition to Groups and Roles Claromentis allows access right control according to Extranet areas, Public Permissions, or 'All registered'.

These commonly used permissions allow access to the portal to customers, suppliers or third parties, the public ( no log on required ) and all users who have access regardless of their membership of groups and roles.

Additional Permissions

Additional Security Levels.

Permissions can be overlaid with 'Security Levels' to further restrict access to certain confidential information.

Additional Security Levels

IP Ranges.

According to access location, the security level of a user can automatically be lowered. For example a manager can have 'Classified' security when in the office, but when at home have this automatically lowered to 'Restricted'. When travelling this can be further downgraded to 'Normal'. In this way security is automatically adjusted to include the security implications of the connection method

IP Ranges