A Sharepoint Alternative: Claromentis

Claromentis - A Refreshing Sharepoint Alternative

Claromentis Intranet software is a solid Sharepoint alternative, that will allow your business to benefit from a fully integrated digital workplace. Our software builds on the intranet to offer Learning Management, Business Process Management, and Project Management, as well as corporate social networking, instant-messaging, and customisable intranet themes.

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Why Sharepoint is falling out of favour

Despite it’s success over recent years and a strong set of features, Sharepoint can be – as many companies are clearly confirming:

  • Expensive
  • Difficult to use
  • Time consuming to deploy
  • Prone to low user take up
  • Resource intensive
  • Not great on mobile devices

Sharepoint Alternative: Claromentis

Claromentis - A refreshing Sharepoint alternative you'll actually love

As a Sharepoint alternative, Claromentis intranet software offers:

      • Inexpensive pricing
      • Ease of use to administer as well as for end users
      • Beautiful and customisable designs
      • Deployment in a matter of weeks – cloud hosted or in-house
      • Very high user adoption
      • Deployment on Linux as well as Windows
      • Support for all modern browsers
      • Mobile-ready
      • Integration with third party apps, including Google Docs

Sharepoint Alternative: Claromentis

What makes Claromentis different?

Our customers consistently praise us for delivering user-friendly, easy-to-configure software that’s fun to use and value for money (we’ve even been voted Capterra’s “Best Value” intranet software). Our integrated digital workplace provides employees with a place to call home, where all their Claromentis and third-party apps are accessible in one central hub. Strong security, full identity management, a comprehensive document management system with full version control and complete scalability all come as standard too.

In addition Claromentis needs no IT resources to deploy – just people who are passionate about your business. It is perfectly responsive – works brilliantly on tablets and phones, and has mobile applications for iOS and Android.

Sharepoint Alternative: Claromentis
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