The Project Management Platform

Create and manage your project management processes in one central platform. The Project Management platform takes care of task assignment, resource allocation, RAG statuses, automatic notifications, integrated document storage, and access rights using the secure permissions engine.

 On-Premise or Cloud-Based

We can host and manage your cloud server via an affordable monthly pricing plan, or you can choose to host your platform in-house with a perpetual software licence. Can’t decide? No problem, we can send you quotes for both deployment options.

 Integration with the Digital Workplace

You can purchase just the Project Management Platform and integrate that with your other systems, such as your existing intranet.

But why not take advantage of a truly integrated digital workplace? The Claromentis Project Management Platform integrates with our three other platforms – Intranet, Learning Management, and Business Process Management - to provide a central place for productive working. Let us know if you want the full digital workplace experience and we can provide additional information.

We look forward to hearing from you and will send the appropriate quotation by email as soon as we can!