Intranet Design

Creating a beautiful intranet design will yield many benefits, not least reducing resistance to change among end-users. Our intranet software is completely user-customisable straight out of the box, where you can build and design multiple intranet themes for your departments. If you need something a bit different, we can offer design consultancy via interactive workshops and mockups to produce an intranet that suits you.

Design and Development

Intranet Consultancy

From best practice workshops to our online customer community, we’re confident we've got all areas covered when it comes to working with you to successfully launch and manage your new intranet. Our best practice guidance sessions and application training will ensure that your intranet will be user-centric and aligned with business objectives from day one.

Consultancy Services

Onsite or Web-based Training

Training can take place at your office or it can be held online, and is delivered in a train-the-trainer style that combines how-to knowledge and hands-on advice. Training sessions cover all aspects of our platform and are tailored to your exact needs. One-to-one training sessions as well as group sessions are fully supported.

Intranet training

Ongoing Customer Support

Our online customer support portal is available 24/7 and allows your intranet administrators to submit tickets and assign priority levels. Telephone and email support is also included; we’re just a phone call or email away when you need support and assistance with your Intranet.

Customer Support & Assistance

E-form and Workflow Creation and Training

Our Business Process Management software contains a workflow engine to create customised processes. We offer training workshops to enable you to build, deploy and manage workflows, however, we have a dedicated team that can create e-form and workflows for you: from start to finish.

Build custom e-Forms and Workflows

Rapid Prototyping for Custom Apps

Our rapid prototyping methodology has been developed by our co-founder and information architect, Michael Christian, and it’s been showcased at the technology event - Digital Shoreditch. The methodology works to eliminate time and resource wastage while ensuring the final product is what users want.

Rapid Prototyping Service

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