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Database Support

MySQL and MSSQL Database Support

Our digital workplace software benefits from flexible hosting, platform, and database options, giving you the freedom to chose an intranet deployment plan that suits your technical requirements and abilities.

We provide two database types which are fully supported by the Claromentis framework – MySQL and MSSQL on Windows, and MySQL on Linux.

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MySQL on Linux and Windows

MySQL databases are supported on both Linux and Windows platforms, and on both our cloud (SaaS) and on-premise hosting packages. If you select to host your digital workplace on-premise, choosing a MySQL database is a great option for IT teams who have experience using this database type and are comfortable using the command line. If you don’t have the required resources available, our SaaS package is perfect, as the Claromentis team will maintain the platform and database for you.


MSSQL on Windows

MSSQL databases are supported on Windows platforms only, but can be deployed on both our on-premise and SaaS hosting solutions. MSSQL and Windows make for a powerful duo for running your intranet software, and suits larger organisations who hold a Microsoft license and adopt the infrastructure already.