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Run your intranet on Windows or Linux

Not only do we provide flexible hosting options – in the cloud or on-premise – we give you a choice of platforms on which to run your intranet. Claromentis runs on either Windows or Linux, so you have the option to choose an intranet platform that suits you and your business requirements.

Because Claromentis is a web-based solution, all that’s needed to access your digital workplace is an internet browser. Intranet content, documents, news, e-forms and workflows, e-learning courses, and more are all available in a couple of clicks.

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Choosing Linux for your intranet

Our intranet software as a service (SaaS) package means your Claromentis intranet is hosted on a Linux platform in the cloud using Google Compute Engine. Our most popular intranet solution, this is a great option for organisations of any size who want their intranet security and maintenance taken care of.

Intranet Platforms

Why choose Linux as your intranet platform?

Choosing a Linux platform to run your intranet provides you with stability and speed, as well as protection from virus attacks using the in-built security features. A Linux-managed intranet also provides a complete database abstraction layer, meaning that you can have the databases running on MySQL.

Choosing Windows for your intranet

Claromentis intranet software sits comfortably on all recent versions of Windows Server, and integrates effortlessly with the built-in Internet Information Services (IIS) suite that comes shipped with the operating system.

Suitable for larger and corporate companies, hosting your intranet on-premise using Windows provides a powerful and scalable solution.

Intranet Platforms

Why choose Windows as your intranet platform?

By installing Claromentis on a Windows server, you can benefit from shared network drives and Distributed File Systems (DFS) capabilities for storing data. You can also use either MSSQL or MySQL database types depending on your business needs.

Running Claromentis on Windows is best suited for on-premise hosting, as it gives you complete control over your infrastructure, IIS platform, and database.