Version Control

Maintain Complete Version Control

The Claromentis Version Control application maintains a historically accurate archive of every saved version of a specific document, content page or project, that has ever been created or saved. The Version Control application enables authorised users to revisit and compare previous versions, eliminating the possibility of conflicting versions being generated.

Version Control Functionality

Version control is a fundamental requirement of any information management system; effectively connecting and co-ordinating document versions, therefore enabling a number of individuals to collaborate and communicate efficiently on numerous projects, regardless of location.

The application also contains an intelligent check in / check out feature, ensuring that only one person edits a document at a time, allowing you to ultimately restrict access and editorial rights to your documents.

Version control ensures that users can only locate the latest version of all information - both by browsing (links always point to the latest version automatically) and by searching - as only the latest version of any document will ever be returned in the users search.

Authorised users can review all changes in each version and delete versions as needed, to roll back to a previous version when errors have been made.

Version Control