Intranet Sales Management Software

Intranet-Based Sales Software.

Sales Manager, Claromentis' online sales software, provides sales opportunity management from directly within your intranet. These sales management tools provide a single area of information with permission-based access and integration with company documents and processes. It also facilitates management review via news systems, dashboards and components.

How Sales Teams Benefit from Sales Management Tools.

Claromentis' sales management software fully supports your sales teams by implementing projects and territories to control access to information. Online sales software provides the most productive environment for all account teams and their managers

Sales Teams

Sales Stages

Opportunities can be moved along sales stages as required by your own sales methodologies. Each stage in Sales Manager can reveal relevant data in dynamic forms for completion by the relevant sales staff, and can be identified as a sales stage that requires approval to authorize. Each stage can also be associated with a percentage probability (one of the many available sales management tools) to assist in meaningful forecasting.

Sales Stages

Integration with Document Management Module.

A powerful feature of Claromentis' online sales software is the integration with document management module. A document store is automatically created for every company and opportunity. This store can be used by sales staff as a sales management tool to manage information such as recent quotations or proposals. It can also be populated by up to date information when particular stages are reached. For example when a proposal is required, the latest approved template can be created ready for creation by the account manager.

Document Management Module

Integration with Business Process Management Module.

Business Process Manager can be used to integrate sales manager with any workflow or process used by the business. For example, lead processing might be done by Business Process Manager, and then if responses are received, the e-form sales software can automatically create a company and sales opportunity management record in sales manager and assign that opportunity to an account manager.

Business Process Management


Dashboards are an important feature of the sales manager application, and are valuable sales management tools. Each account manager is presented with a landing page that presents all of the tasks and alerts that he should act on to ensure the opportunities are managed efficiently and effectively, and that deadlines are met.



Territory and team based forecasting is available within the online sales software, providing permission based access to financial forecasts based on gross and risked revenue. The sales management system can manage multi-currencies, and the graphs are interactive to provide more detail as needed.

Managers can easily drill down through the sales team structures to locate the highest performing teams, critical proposals and manage the sales pipeline.



Claromentis' Sales Manager sales software provides the ability to manage sales directly from within your corporate intranet, allowing access to all required staff from a single location and providing strong integration benefits with document, process, and sales management.


Companies, Contacts and Opportunities

Companies, contacts and opportunities are all managed by Sales Manager. Companies can be related to head offices and other branch offices in different territories.

Contact data is fully configurable within the online sales software, allowing you to record particular data on each individual, according to your own sales methodologies. Tag clouds are automatically built for convenient sales management, showing which staff members have the closest relationship with each contact.

Companies, Contacts and Opportunities