Discuss - Social Project Management

Discuss – Formerly IdeaSpace: Get Things Done, Together

IdeaSpace is now Discuss! New name, same fantastic functionality.

The Claromentis social project management app combines productivity enhancing tools with social functionality in one secure intranet platform. Previously known as IdeaSpace, our rebranded Discuss app keeps team and project discussions in one central place whilst providing built-in task and event management functionality.

Discuss – Get talking, and get things done

Our rebranded Discuss app allows you to create an unlimited number of areas to categorise conversations into productive collaborations. From office initiatives, project ideas, employee well-being schemes, staff engagement plans, and everything in between, Discuss promotes an open space for building positive relationships and getting things done.

Project Areas

Permission-based discussion areas

All discussion areas can be as open or restricted as needed, using our secure permissions engine. Assign the appropriate rights to extranet areas, groups, roles, or individual users, to streamline conversations and get people collaborating. Automatic notifications can be setup to invite users to Discuss areas, as well as to alert participants to updates and new actions.

Activity Streams

Collaborative activity streams

Activity streams display all updates, comments, and questions generated by intranet users who have permissions to the Discuss area. All team members can be kept up-to- date on the progress of the open initiatives, and efficiently contribute their feedback, answer queries, and post new ideas for collaboration.

Assign Tasks

Assign tasks and priority levels

Each Discuss area can have tasks added, so that initial ideas can be transformed into actionable results in the same collaborative space. Each task can be assigned to a specific user, set a completion date, and a priority level to ensure they are effectively coordinated and completed on time. Reoccurring tasks can additionally be created for speed and efficiency, with the assigned user sent automatic notifications about key updates.

Project Events

Create events and meetings

Events and meetings can be created within each Discuss area, with all associated upcoming events available to view at-a- glance. Meeting notes and agendas can be added, ensuring that intranet users are kept up-to- date and all information is securely stored in one central location.

Files and Documents

Share files, links and documents

Files, links and documents can be attached and shared within each Discuss area, eliminating the need for internal emails being sent back and forth. Intranet users can link to external sources and securely share important documents and files to gain feedback and to help progress the initiatives further. All attachments can be viewed in the activity stream - helping to promote collaboration.

User Tagging

Tag colleagues in comments

Intranet users can tag their colleagues in posts which appear on the activity stream, creating a socially engaging company intranet. Tagged colleagues will receive an automatic notification to their intranet inbox, making it easier for employees to pose questions and gain answers.

'Hot Topics'

Promote interaction with 'Hot Topics'

A Discuss area with ten or more comments within the activity stream is automatically labelled a 'Hot Topic'. The concept of a 'Hot Topic' was established to help users easily identify Discuss areas which have attracted a large amount of interaction, and to promote the area for further collaboration.


Search Discuss areas and add bookmarks

Instant keyword filtering allows for the quick retrieval of Discuss areas - further filtering by ‘bookmarked’, ‘archived’, ‘categories’, and 'hot topics' are also available. Tag clouds containing commonly associated words or phrases can also be used to further help with easy filtering.