Cross Platform Intranet

Linux & Windows Based Intranets.

Linux Based Intranet Solutions.

We take great pride in our ability to provide our clients with web platforms that fit around their specific needs. Claromentis has been developed on the LAMP stack and has been coded entirely in PHP, this means that we can integrate with all versions of Windows and Linux.

Claromentis Linux intranet solutions have a complete database abstraction layer meaning that you can have the databases running on MySQL.

Claromentis can also be installed on a Linux application server with a windows database server using MSSQL.

Linux-Based Intranet

Benefits of Using Linux Intranet Solutions.

Linux intranet solutions offer extreme stability and speed, as well as protection from virus attacks. Our own software as a service (SAAS) offering uses Linux servers, with multiple installations of Claromentis running on single instances of the LAMP stack.

In terms of user access the server environment is of course transparent - the solution is entirely web based and thin client - users can access the software via any common browser such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari.

The files and information layer managed by Claromentis deployed as a Linux intranet solution will often be Microsoft based - such as standard office files - this is completely normal and fully supported.

Windows Intranet Solutions.

The Claromentis Intranet Software suite sits comfortably on all versions of Windows Server, and integrates effortlessly with the built-in Internet Information Services (IIS) suite that comes shipped with the OS.

Due to the database abstraction layer within the Claromentis framework, Claromentis fully supports MSSQL and MySQL databases when hosted on a Windows OS.

In addition to the use of standard network shared drives, Claromentis installed on a Windows server also has the capability of supporting Distributed File Systems (DFS) for storing data. This makes the Claromentis intranet solution even more powerful, giving you greater scalability and peace of mind from the beginning.

Windows Intranet Solution.

Benefits of Using Windows Intranet Solution.

For companies that run pure Microsoft, the Claromentis Windows Intranet Solution offers a perfect conclusion to your Intranet Requirements. Deploy the software on the Microsoft Windows OS, host the Intranet using the built-in IIS, run the database on MSSQL, synchronize the user accounts with Active Directory, store the data on a DFS, local or shared drive, and send notifications through Exchange.

Claromentis will also happily run on the Apache Web Server for windows.

If you would like some clarification on Windows servers or more information click here.

Configuration of Single Sign On (SSO)

Configuring Single Sign On (SSO) will allow users who are logged into a network computer to simply open a web browser and be immediately logged into the Claromentis Intranet System under their current username and password.

Find out more about Single Sign On Integration.