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Chat – Instant Messaging

Communicate with your staff in real-time

Communicate with your team and share knowledge in real-time using Chat, our instant-messaging feature. Offered as an additional module, our dedicated Chat feature integrates your Claromentis intranet software with RocketChat, placing instant-messaging directly into your digital workplace – with no need to switch apps.

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Instant-messaging in your intranet

Our Chat app works by integrating seamlessly with RocketChat, a popular open-source alternative to Slack. Our integration technology means that your teams can access instant-messaging functionality directly within the Claromentis intranet, with no need to switch to a different app, helping to keep productivity focused.

Instant Messaging

Gain answers and share knowledge in an instant

Real-time communication allows your team to share knowledge to the masses, encouraging innovation and collaboration. A shared idea can transform into a fully-formed initiative when the whole company is given the opportunity to contribute. Questions can also be answered in an instant, with the added benefit of the information being accessible to all, opening up further lines of communication.

Instant Messaging

Login with the same credentials as your intranet

Our integration technology allows users to access instant messaging with the same login credentials as the intranet, providing a completely unified experience. Accounts in RocketChat will automatically be created based on the information in the Claromentis People application, meaning no additional account setup is required. Synchronisations run every minute, so any changes to profile photos, email addresses or usernames in Claromentis will be updated automatically in RocketChat.

Instant Messaging

Encourage an open culture

Instant messaging by its very nature encourages an open culture. Using Chat as part of your digital workplace will expand your organisation’s communicative and collaborative ability. Real-time chat connects employees and teams who may not be able to communicate face-to-face, due to dispersed office locations or remote workers.

Instant Messaging

Customise Chat with your branding

Because RocketChat is open source, your technical team can customise the software to match your company branding. Custom logos and colour schemes can be personalised to reflect your organisation’s identity, as well as to complement your overall digital workplace design, providing a seamless and professional user experience.

Instant Messaging