Promoting Collaboration amongst Geographically Dispersed Offices.

About Technopolis Group

Founded in 1989, Technopolis Group analyse and advise on policy and evaluate its implementation in the fields of science, technology, innovation, higher education and socio-economic development. The Group’s international expansion began in 1996 and their expertise now spans over 35 countries.

Intranet Software Applications

The need for more effective communication

As their organisation’s geographical reach increased and the scope of their activities broadened, the need for more effective communication amongst employees became apparent. This coupled with an out-dated collaboration platform, Group General Manager, Tom Wolfenden, embarked upon the task of finding a suitable intranet vendor.

Business, Collaboration and Social Applications

Claromentis’ ability to offer a complete digital workspace, whereby business, collaboration as well as social tools and functionality are included in one platform, helped Technopolis differentiate Claromentis from other intranet vendors in the market.

Tom Wolfenden, Group Manager, Technopolis comments :

“The functionality of the Document Management System combined with Corporate Social Networking application really stood out for us, and I was very impressed when I made comparisons to other products.”

With geographically dispersed offices and project teams scattered amongst various countries, both the collaboration and social features offered by the Claromentis Intranet platform will ultimately contribute to an open atmosphere where ideas are captured and organically grown.

Tom Wolfenden, Group Manager, Technopolis:

“Claromentis’ Intranet platform will ultimately contribute to an open atmosphere.”

Business tools, such as the Document Management System, act as an invaluable resource for storing, sharing and amending important project documents. The permission system, present throughout the Claromentis platform, and the ability to version control and instantly locate appropriate documents through the Search functionality, were of particular benefit to Technopolis.

Unique Design Process

Following an initial kick-off call to establish Technopolis’ particular needs and preferences in relation to the overall design of their intranet, a prototyping process began. The fully customisable nature of the intranet platform enables Claromentis’ design team to build a visual interface that reflects each organisation’s individual needs.

Tom Wolfenden, Group Manager, Technopolis:

“The design process has been seamless and we’re really pleased with the finished product.”

Growing with your business

As the Technopolis Group continues to grow and expand their client-base, they can utilise particular aspects of the Claromentis platform as and when it is needed. Whether that’s a learning management system, extranet portal or a custom developed project, Claromentis has the tools and skills to grow and adapt to each client’s unique business needs.

Notes to Editor

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About Claromentis

Claromentis is a leading intranet software company with a genuine passion and enthusiasm for building and designing intranets, business processes and custom applications for a global customer base.

Their success is a direct result of working in partnership with large and small organizations, across a wide variety of industry sectors, for over a decade.

Claromentis consists of an innovative intranet platform and a world-class team of professionals and technical staff that together make a significant difference to the way their customers work.

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