Claromentis Launches a Proof of Concept Digital Workplace Service

Intranet Software Vendor Claromentis Unveils a New Social Project Management Intranet Application

Brighton, UK - 30 Jul, 2015

Claromentis have today released a new service line for businesses wanting to fundamentally change their Digital Workplace.

Digital Workplace Proof of Concept

The interactive activity streams along with the ability to allocate priority levels to tasks and assign them to intranet team members, ensures that organisations are equipped with the necessary tools to collaborate effectively. Having recently released a Learning Management System and Knowledge Base application, Claromentis’ intranet software is racing ahead of its competition in regards to the functionality it offers.

Companies can now come to the professional services team at Claromentis as new clients and experience the full evaluation and implementation service all the way through to completed training with absolutely no commitment to purchase any of the software.

This has moved the risk away from the customer and allows them to make fundamental decisions about their digital workplace with absolute confidence

As staff demand the same ease of access and intuitive software as they experience in their personal and ever more mobile world the complex issues surrounding the Digital Workplace are high on the CIO's and IT managers agenda.

Claromentis Managing Director, Nigel Davies comments :

Previously companies needed to purchase highly complex and configurable enterprise software and then hope that it delivered the returns they anticipated - as well as integrating with established workflows and specialised applications. Now the world has changed!

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Notes to Editor

For further information please contact Nigel Davies Tel: +44 (0)1273 666 355 Email:

About Claromentis

Claromentis is a leading intranet software company with a genuine passion and enthusiasm for building and designing intranets, business processes and custom applications for a global customer base.

Their success is a direct result of working in partnership with large and small organizations, across a wide variety of industry sectors, for over a decade.

Claromentis consists of an innovative intranet platform and a world-class team of professionals and technical staff that together make a significant difference to the way their customers work.

Claromentis is headquartered in Brighton, United Kingdom with offices in Australia, USA and Canada. For additional details about Claromentis including details of their intranet software please visit