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Intranet Software Vendor Claromentis Unveils a New Social Project Management Intranet Application

Brighton, UK - July 19th 2013

Claromentis, the global intranet software vendor, maintains its leading position within the intranet space by releasing a social project management intranet application – named Idea Spaces. The latest addition to Claromentis’ feature-rich intranet platform, allows organisations to create secure, project collaboration areas within a centralised location. The built-in task and event management features enable project teams to successfully manage an unlimited number of projects on their intranet.

Intranet Software Applications

The interactive activity streams along with the ability to allocate priority levels to tasks and assign them to intranet team members, ensures that organisations are equipped with the necessary tools to collaborate effectively. Having recently released a Learning Management System and Knowledge Base application, Claromentis’ intranet software is racing ahead of its competition in regards to the functionality it offers.

Claromentis’ intranet software contains business, collaborative and social functionality and provides employees with a complete digital workspace. Its latest intranet application helps to promote popular project spaces through the ‘Hot Topic’ feature – a project space with ten comments or more is highlighted by being automatically labelled a ‘hot topic’. The ability to tag fellow team members to notify them that their participation is required is also present.

Intranet Software Applications

To gain a first-hand experience of the latest application, organisations can request access to Claromentis’ free intranet demonstration system for a limited time.

Claromentis Marketing Executive, Paula Matthews comments :

Our latest social project management intranet application will help both dispersed and centralised intranet teams get things done, more efficiently and in unison.
Our mission is to provide organisations with a complete digital workspace by consistently building new productivity-enhancing and collaborative intranet applications and we’re continuously fulfilling this mission. ”

Claromentis has developed this scholarship due to ongoing advancements in social and mobile technology. These technological advancements are encouraging organisations to re-evaluate their intranets to meet employees’ changing expectations. For the last decade, Claromentis has worked with organisations to provide multi-generational intranet software with business, collaborative and social applications. Its mission, to provide productivity-enhancing intranets to organisations of all sizes and sectors, has resulted in the recent development of a Social Project Management application and Learning Management System

Further information including the scholarship brief, can be accessed directly from Claromentis Scholarship Page . The application form can be submitted via the . The scholarships are worth £500/$750 and the closing date is November 24 2013.

Claromentis Co-founder and Information Architect, Michael Christian comments :

“We’ve worked closely with organisations over the last decade to re-establish their employees’ experiences due to emerging technology and we look forward to continuing this. ”

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For further information please contact Paula Matthews Tel: +44 (0)1273 666 355 Email:

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Claromentis is a leading intranet software company with a genuine passion and enthusiasm for building and designing intranets, business processes and custom applications for a global customer base.

Their success is a direct result of working in partnership with large and small organizations, across a wide variety of industry sectors, for over a decade.

Claromentis consists of an innovative intranet platform and a world-class team of professionals and technical staff that together make a significant difference to the way their customers work.

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