Your Installs – Interesting Bespoke Project

Your Installs is a recently completed bespoke project that is a great example of how the flexibility of the Claromentis framework can cater for a wide range of requirements.  Your Installs is a company that specialise in providing installation service solutions for electrical goods vendors such as The Sony Centre. The solution provided by Claromentis had to allow shop employees to access information on, and book installation services. Below is a screen shot of the landing page once logged in:

Intranet Home

This demonstrates how the Claromentis framework can be stripped right down to a very simple navigational structure emphasising focus on one or two tasks. From this page a user can click a service and be linked directly to an online booking form, or simply download a PDF information sheet on the desired service. There is also a more traditional Claromentis  menu along the top which is only visible to an admin.

From start to finish an interesting project and a good demonstration of the versatility of Claromentis.

1 thought on “Your Installs – Interesting Bespoke Project
  • This is a great example of a specific business requirement met perfectly by Claromentis.

    It continues to fascinate me how such a wide ranging collaboration platform can be made to behave like a specific application – great job Andy and all the technical team.

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