Workplace Intranet Trends of 2018

In the past year there have been a number of advancements in intranet design. This has helped to make office life for those who use the system as efficient as it has ever been. The intranet of 2018 is an impressive, sophisticated network that features intuitive interfaces, time saving applications and enhanced communication between colleagues and clients. An increasing number of businesses are utilising digital workplace, intranet software, and connective hardware to maximise workload. Advancements seem likely to continue throughout the remainder of the year. This innovation is continuing to grow with a number of exciting new intranet trends. These include:

1. The digital workplace

2017 saw a boom in the number of businesses that decided to go digital. At the core of every successful digital workplace is an intranet network. These give a workforce the tools they need to prosper. It allows for team members to connect with each other both on site and from remote locations. An intranet system is set up with impressive speed so that companies can see the benefits from the very first day. The digital workplace is linked symbiotically with the intranet. They complement each other and as one progresses so does the other.

2. Integration with portable hardware

Office work is beginning to switch its emphasis from computers to portable devices such as tablets and smartphones. It is an ideal choice for a number of reasons. It allows users to access work data from outside either while out on a call or commuting. Giving workers access to data offsite is useful for multiple sectors, especially those that require employees to travel extensively. Intranet mobile connection is the future of the digital workplace. Touchscreen interfaces, optimised performance and smart implementation are just some of the benefits that smart devices have over their computer predecessors. It also allows the company to gather a larger amount of data than ever before. By far the biggest attraction is the capability of smartphones to improve their software and therefore become more efficient.

3. Social features

An intranet has the capability of blogs, live chat, video conferences and data sharing. By taking advantage of these features a company can enhance an office culture. This in turn will make employees more engaged with their work. One of the biggest trends of 2018 has been the increase in personal profiles of employees. In a sense intranets are becoming isolated social networks. Often a company will overlook the social side of office life. The fact is that the more engaged a worker is the more productive they will be. This tool is especially useful for teams.

4. Personalisation

One of the biggest issues employers have faced in 2018 is how to create a more personalised experience when it comes to their intranet interface. Giving users the ability to customise features is one of the most efficient methods. It helps to get workers engaged in the system and continue to interact with it. This will also increase their enjoyment of using it. If the system is aware of the user’s personal interests or the department they work for it can tailor the content seen on screen to that individual. This level of personalisation can potentially increase productivity across an entire organisation.

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5. Integrating with other systems

Despite the fact that the digital workplace continues to increase, companies will still often have to use systems that exist outside of the network. An office must utilise a number of separate tools in order to function and thrive. They must also do this in order to work to company standards. One of the great things about modern intranets is their ability to integrate with other systems and allow them to be more accessible to the user. An intranet is not a replacement for other office tools. It is the gateway to them.

6. Inter-departmental engagement

In 2018 intranet networks are connecting teams and departments in ways that are far easier than in previous years. This is because an intranet offers an abundance of useful tools to make collaboration possible. These include calendars, workspaces, as well as management and organisation features. Managers are beginning to realise that the success of their intranet can be measured in the level of engagement it elicits.

7. Experimental design

The key to innovation is experimentation. A good intranet will be functional, practical and usable. However, this is just the start of what makes a great network. In order to create an intranet that is the best it can be for an individual, business managers are seeing the importance of trying something new. Just because one system works for one company does not mean it will work for another. A tailor-made, individualistic approach is likely to dominate the design of future intranet systems. Outdated, unappealing interfaces are being replaced by exciting new designs, each one made to suit the culture of that particular workplace.

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