Why Targeted Content Will Keep Intranet Users Coming Back

author Kerensa Johnson, October 17, 2017

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Is your intranet software getting used? If you’ve had the same system for years, with the same version, same infrastructure, and same technology, then chances are your intranet isn’t as popular as it once was when it was first installed.

Having an intranet that’s even five years old means having a system that’s lacking in the latest technology, functionality, and usability. Staff who are having to use this kind of software in the workplace will inevitably tire of such an outdated system, as they will be accustomed to using more modern technology at home. Think of the consumerised apps and dynamic websites that you might use on your home computer or smartphone to get the latest news or entertainment. In comparison, a five-year-old intranet will seem positively ancient.

However, a technologically outdated intranet isn’t the only reason the system might fall out of favour. One of the most common reasons for intranet failure is in fact outdated information. An intranet with outdated content is not only frustrating for staff, it also defeats one of the key reasons for having an intranet in the first place. Employees expect the company intranet to offer fresh and relevant content, fast. And if it’s not delivering this simple feat, then staff will start to abandon the system.

The importance of relevance

A shift in user habits, technological growth, and a digital-ready generation in the workplace have changed the way companies should best utilise business software. Whilst in the past it may have been acceptable for intranet software to be a static information portal, these days that’s not going to cut it. If you find yourself asking, “but our intranet already has loads of content on it, so why isn’t it being used?”, the answer lies in listening and responding to the changes that are happening in the business software industry. And that means providing an intranet that delivers engaging and relevant content, in the same way that consumer software or websites do.

Content targeting

Intranet technology of today allows you to target and push relevant content to different teams. This is a huge departure from the intranets that were available only a few years ago, where staff would have to know exactly where to look on the system to find the information they need. Indeed, a study by McKinsey in 2012 showed that people were spending almost 20% of their week searching for information. That’s a whole working day dedicated to information gathering, which could be much better spent elsewhere on key tasks.

The key to reducing the time spent searching for content and simultaneously increasing intranet usage, is to invest in a system that allows you to meaningfully target content. Targeted content that relates specifically to users’ needs will ensure that they don’t need to waste time information gathering. Staff will also view the intranet as a reliable and relevant source of content, encouraging them to come back and visit again.

Content Targeting | Claromentis

Target meaningful content to different teams with Claromentis 8.2

Interesting stories and departmental information can be targeted to teams on their intranet homepage, ensuring that the first thing they see when they login is relevant content. In Claromentis 8.2, administrators can create dedicated team sites so that key information is channeled towards the employees that need it. Staff will be able to claim back that 20% of their working week now that the content they require is instantly available.


User needs are constantly changing and business software needs to respond to these needs quickly to stay relevant. Content targeting on the company intranet is a key approach to providing employees with what they require to do their job efficiently. This will save staff time from searching for information, and position the intranet as the go-to place for productivity. If you are interested in company intranet for your business, then contact us today for bespoke consultancy.

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