What is Collaboration Software & Why Should You Use It?

author Carol Mentis, October 9, 2017

Collaboration Software | Claromentis

Collaboration software was designed and developed to increase workflow efficiencies amongst teams working towards the same work-based goals. The software allows individuals within various teams, and even departments to share information required to support the completion of the task required. Collaboration software streamlines the process of sharing, processing and managing a range of documents, files, resources and data across several users and systems. In an increasingly digital world, the ability to share and coordinate information can help businesses increase their efficiencies and grow their teams at an exponential rate. Below we’ve highlighted some of the key benefits of collaboration software, and why you should use it if you aren’t already.


One of the biggest benefits of implementing and utilising collaboration software is the increase in efficiency you and your team will enjoy while working together on tasks and projects. The ability to share documentation, files, images and resources anytime of day – regardless of where you are in the globe – means that downtime of projects is virtually eliminated. Using collaboration software with an instant chat feature also removes the downtime required when waiting for an email response, as other members of the group may be able to answer questions and offer support.

By utilising the capacity of your collaboration software, you can train your team to upload the latest version of everything they’ve worked on, so that the next person picking up the work is doing so from the most recent iteration, keeping your project moving forward as efficiently as possible. Being able to share information in such an open way also positively impacts your team culture as they will be working more collaboratively, helping each other to share and address problems as they arise.

The information stored within your collaboration software is open for all to see, so everyone working on the task understands who’s been assigned to what, and also where they’re up to. It helps the people responsible for managing the task to get up to speed quickly with where the team is in terms of project completion, as with a simple log in they can pull together all the information they would previously have had to chase up from individual team members. Collaboration software often helps to improve the quality of the work produced too, as it pulls together the knowledge and expertise of each person involved, even if they’re cross-department. This allows people to share information and ideas in a unique way – one they may have never previously experienced.


One of the key benefits of working within a digital environment is that everything is documented, recorded and saved – and easily accessible at a later date if information is needed. By working in a paper-based environment you continue to run the risk of important data being lost, as well as being far less secure than password protected, encrypted, cloud-backed information. Digital workplaces encourage accountability in teams, as activity is documented and recorded, so that employees and managers can see the productivity and capacity of their teams. It also offers opportunities for flexible working, which is becoming increasingly popular amongst some of the most attractive businesses, who pull talent in, by offering flexible working hours and locations. As this increasingly becomes an expectation from candidates, your chances of attracting the best talent to your company rises based on your flexible working options. Another reason to evolve your workspace into a digital one is that it creates a far lower impact on the environment as you move away from a reliance on paper.

Better relationships

As explained in detail above there are so many ways collaboration software can help to develop and improve internal relationships, even amongst colleagues who work on the other side of the globe from one another. But collaboration software can also help to develop and improve client and supplier relationships, through more transparent working. Rather than your team having to take time out of completing the work to contact clients with status reports, or worse your clients have to chase for one – each side can log into the software you’re using to see a live update of where their work is. You can post questions and tasks that you need the client to complete which they can easily do at a time convenient to them.

If after reading all of the ways utilising collaboration software could benefit your business, you’ve decided you’re ready to implement it in your company, call Claromentis today to see how we could help. We work with our clients to understand their unique requirements and business objectives, and help to revolutionise their workplaces for the digital age. Our intranet software is driven by a passion for greater collaboration and efficiency in the workplace, helping our clients surpass their deadlines and exceed their objectives.

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