The Warning Signs Your Digital Workplace Needs a Rethink

If you were to survey employees in your digital workplace, would the majority be engaged or disengaged? Are they happy with multi-directional enterprise tools or are you simply pushing content at them? Are you utilising the kinds of sophisticated yet straightforward apps that your employees use in their everyday lives or are you still designing your social intranet for desktop only? These can all be signs that your digital workplace needs a major rethink.

Focus on enterprise search

Do your employees struggle with siloed searching, taking hours to find information that could be aggregated in a collaboration hub to allow for fast and straightforward search across the organisation? Switch the focus to enterprise search and you’ll encourage productivity, innovation and ideation among a workforce that currently wastes around two hours each searching for knowledge and expertise that should be available to all, across silos.

Focus on personalisation

Does your digital workplace assume that one size fits all employees? A successful digital workplace will continually improve employee experience through targeting relevant and timely information in a highly personalised way. If you’re not looking at Artificial Intelligence then you should be exploring the ways AI can surface relevant content and connections.

Focus on the interactive intranet

If you built your intranet on the expectation that if it was there, it would be adopted, you’re likely to have been disappointed. Intranets must be interactive and collaborative, encouraging high levels of networking and integrating across enterprise applications. Making your intranet visible across the organisation and using effective reporting and analytics to surface insights on engagement and impact will give employees greater visibility into their impact on the organisation as a whole.

Focus on consumer style interfaces

If your digital workplace interface is clunky and outdated, then you need to investigate the kind of streamlined and intuitive app based interface that employees will be familiar with on their smartphone. Delivering the right solutions can directly impact on engagement and productivity across organisational culture.

Focus on mobile

Desktop only access to the digital workplace will not only frustrate existing employees but make attracting and retaining talent more difficult, with Millennials having a strong expectation of being offered mobile working as a right. Your digital workplace must prioritise the rise of remote working and the ‘always on’ generation and create an enterprise-ready and purposeful solution.

Moving your digital workplace towards maturity

In order to work towards the kind of borderless ecosystem that sees employees collaborate and innovate across silos in a fully developed digital workplace, the digital workforce needs support to increase their communication and collaboration skills to drive innovation.

However, there may be barriers to knowledge sharing and communication baked into your social intranet that need addressing. For example, are you fully leveraging the social tools available in your intranet to capture your employee’s knowledge and drive engagement through the process of multi-directional communication? Are you capturing and analysing the preferences and contributions of the workforce to surface insights and move towards personalisation? If the answer is no, then your social intranet is reinforcing barriers to communication and collaboration.

Removing the barriers, moving to borderless collaboration

Information silos are one of the greatest threats to digital workplace maturity, fragmenting data, employees and systems rather than strengthening them. Collaboration technologies are essential if you hope to achieve seamless integration between employees in a knowledge sharing economy. By integrating the existing technologies that the workforce use into a single collaborative hub, you give any member of the organisation a 360-degree view of the organisation, and the tools to ideate and innovate that can impact directly and positively on your bottom line.

But these borderless communities can and should go further, beyond the organisation, to collaboration and communication between employees, external partners and customers in an integrated ecosystem designed to share ideas, improve experience and activity, share knowledge and innovate new value chains. These enterprise ecosystems will become increasingly central to business success as your digital workplace continues to grow and innovate, impacting on success metrics like productivity, satisfaction and shareholder value.

Deliver on your employees’ expectations

The modern employee has changed. Their attention span is shorter and their expectations higher than ever before. If your social intranet does not engage or live up to the kinds of technology and experience that the workforce relies on, then your digital workplace will become moribund. As an organisation, your digital workplace needs to focus not simply on digital natives but on reaching every employee with a high degree of the social integration that employees expect.

Crucially, you need to align your digital workplace with your business objectives, engaging stakeholders from HR, IT and management in the development of a digital workplace that offers effective self-service, efficient technology and a strategic vision that can deliver the improvements you need to take your digital workplace to the next level.

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