Use Your Intranet to Organise Events

Organising an event, however big or small, has its challenges. There are so many aspects to coordinate; inviting the appropriate people, ensuring they know the time and date, locating a venue, and even thinking of an exciting event idea in the first place!

Wouldn’t it be great if your intranet software could help facilitate and streamline this process? This is where Claromentis can really help, and there are many tools that can be used to help make organising an event a much easier and more enjoyable task.

Our main tool is our aptly named Events module, which is fantastic for arranging and storing Events in one central space. Events are operated through categories, whereby similarly themed Events can be organised and separated into their own dedicated section, making it easier to manage.

Sometimes events may be held online or via a webinar, or take place in a physical location; our Events module allows for the creation of either kind, making it truly flexible for businesses who host a variety of events.

Our Events module is integrated with our core Calendar application, meaning that Events can be automatically added to users’ calendars, as well as send out invitations and updates if the event details change. This can really help streamline event management processes, and avoids the need to manually inform attendees of possible event changes or cancellations.

Events also works in harmony with our Learning Management modules, where attendance of an event can be recorded in the user’s training record. This can be really useful for businesses where their main source of events are training and education, and removes the need to duplicate processes.

Other tools which can help facilitate event management include our project collaboration tool Ideaspaces. An Ideaspace could be created to discuss the event preliminaries, where tasks could be assigned to the users responsible for different areas of the event, such as sourcing a location or arranging an appropriate date. Using Ideaspaces for the initial event conception is a great way of keeping all information and ideas in one place, keeps track of progress, and shows who is managing what.

With the help of our intranet platform, event management is now easier than ever, with all aspects covered from initial design to final submission, and everything in between.

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