Top-Level Intranet Menu Structure

One fundamental purpose of any intranet software is to provide staff with the information and tools required to do their jobs efficiently. Particularly before the intranet’s initial launch and during those crucial months post launch, questions related to the intranet’s top-level menu will be highlighted. However, there should be an on-going objective to ensure that information can be easily located.

The intranet must possess a user-focused menu system structured to suit the organisation’s goals and objectives. The top-level menu structure plays an important role in guiding employees to the necessary information – but where do you start?

Departmental Structure

Mimicking how the firm is organised in relation to its current departmental structure is a popular method, but it doesn’t suit every organisation. This method can be somewhat limiting as the intranet starts to develop.

Task-based Structure

Has the essential purpose of helping staff find information so that they can immediately act upon it. Implementing this structure will take a great deal more time as it will require a considerable amount of feedback and guidance from end-users to ensure that it’s right for them. Having a task-based structure which doesn’t help employees efficiently fulfill tasks will ultimately cause frustration.

Product-based Structure

A product-based structure reflects the product portfolio of the organisation – this isn’t often used, but can be helpful to organisations based within the manufacturing sector.

Hybrid Approach

It is important to stress that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach doesn’t exist as each organisation has unique needs. This may mean taking elements from each approach and creating a ‘hybrid’ menu to suit your users’ individual needs – as seen below.

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