The Claromentis East Coast Tour Diaries – Part 3

Claromentis goes to America Part 3

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The previous couple of days were very insightful for Claromentis team members Stas and Jon, as they learnt that insurance companies need an intranet to be tech savvy, and that having an enthusiastic intranet team boosts employee engagement massively.

Towards the end of the week, the duo made their way down to Washington DC to visit our customers at Styrene Information and Research Center (SIRC). Finally, they drove back north (for a mighty 8 hours) to New Jersey for their final client visit to household brand, Hudson.

In the final part of the Claromentis travel diaries, Stas and Jon share their experiences…

Day Five & Six – Document management systems and new opportunities

Stas (Claromentis Service Delivery Manager): Our penultimate meeting was with SIRC, who are really reaping the benefits of our document management system (DMS). They use Claromentis software primarily as a version-controlled, secure, and auditable documents repository for their members, which goes to show that our core products are still well loved!

The meeting was a good opportunity to show them our latest software version and how they could benefit from expanding their digital workplace, and we also came away with some great feature improvements suggested by the team at SIRC, which we’re excited to bring to our product team discussions.

Jon (Claromentis Product Owner): After an 8 hour drive from Washington DC to New Jersey, we embarked on our final meeting with Hudson, a household name in travel retail who manage airport stores across North America, including Hudson News and World Duty Free.

Hudson have just begun their journey with Claromentis, so meeting them at this stage of the onboarding process was a great opportunity for all. There was a lot of excitement about the upcoming efficiency improvements that Claromentis will bring to the Hudson team, and they’re looking forward to moving away from using multiple applications doing similar jobs, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box. Claromentis provides the consistency they need, with all the same functionality.

Ultimately, their primary goal is to have one place where users can go for information, policies, procedures, company news, and documentation – so Claromentis is a perfect fit!

Claromentis goes to America Part 3
The Claromentis team’s friendship blossomed in Central Park…


And so ended our business activities in the US. We had a bit of time left for sightseeing, and spent all of Saturday and Sunday morning walking around New York. We clocked up 16.7 miles and 57000 steps!

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