The Claromentis East Coast Tour Diaries – Part 2

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Having spent the first couple of days visiting some of our customers in Portland, Maine, Claromentis team members Stas and Jon continued their East Coast tour and met clients in Boston and Westport, Connecticut. In part 2 of their travel diaries, they spill the beans on what makes Claromentis stand out from the rest, “funtranets”, and swag bags…

Day Three & Four – Products, Partners, and Pages

Stas (Claromentis Service Delivery Manager): Our next stop was Boston, where we visited our long-term clients at Risk Strategies, one of America’s largest insurance brokers. One really interesting point they raised was the fact that a lot of insurance companies in the US are in need of raising the stakes in terms of technology. So being able to use Claromentis brought Risk Strategies a lot of value, including:

– A ticketing system for their support team
– Extranet management system for their clients
– Online portal for documents
– E-forms and processes

They also really appreciated our approach to development; if we find the required feature is something useful to other clients, then we include it in our product roadmap and implement it into our core product. Only when the feature is specific to their own needs, would we develop it as custom code. Basically, they love the fact that we regard them as partners in making a good product together.

Jon (Claromentis Product Owner): Next stop was Westport in Connecticut, where we visited SeriousFun Children’s Network, a non-profit organisation that manages summer camps for disabled children across the US and Europe. The two stakeholders we met were very passionate about keeping their staff engaged with their intranet, or ‘funtranet’, as they named it. From its inception they have made every measure they can to encourage engagement and it’s worked very well. For example, they created a ‘scavenger hunt’ across the site in its first month, hiding objects across Knowledge Base articles. They were also very excited to start using Pages, our drag and drop CMS, so their upcoming upgrade is eagerly awaited!

We asked why they’d chosen Claromentis above the other many candidates they’d examined when buying the product. They explained that of their list of desired features, ours was the only product to offer a balance of them all. Our competitors tended to be strong on one given feature, but weak on another. Only ours offered a satisfactory depth to all the intranet apps & features they needed. Additionally, a major requirement was that the intranet had to be able to ‘look fun’, and others looked either old fashioned or too complicated.

Their company name bore testament to their working attitude, they were fun to meet and be around. On leaving, we were presented with ‘swag bags’ of SeriousFun branded shirts, hats, beach balls, USB sticks, and cups. All in all, a great meeting!

Stand by for the final part of “The Claromentis East Coast Tour Diaries”, coming soon!

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