The Claromentis East Coast Tour Diaries – Part 1

Having customers in every continent and hundreds of thousands of users across the world is a Big Deal for a software company located in the seaside city of Brighton. But, we take this in our stride and thrive on the diversity that it brings.

Most of the time, like many businesses with dispersed clients or offices, we communicate with our global customers using a variety of online tools like Gotomeeting, Basecamp, and of course our own software in the form of our technical support portal, Discover. This works extremely well, allowing both asynchronous and real-time communication with all of our clients.

This month, however, our Product and Service Delivery teams have voyaged across the pond to visit some of our customers face-to-face. Embarking on a week long road trip along the east coast of America, Claromentis team members Stas and Jon share their tour highlights in their tell-all diaries…

Day One & Two – Three-ton trucks and large lobsters

Jon (Claromentis Product Owner): Upon arriving, we helped to sign the US Declaration of Independence, with Stas acting as Project Manager, and myself as a witness (don’t believe us? Just look at the photos!)

On a more serious note, we were then offered a 3.3 ton truck as a rental vehicle, which we politely declined (we’re not used to such large cars in the UK!) and went for a Jeep instead, which we affectionately named Digital WorkJeep (see what we did there?)

Claromentis attend Declaration of Independence
See? We were definitely there!

Our first client meeting was with Pierce Atwood, whose offices are based in a former factory in the shipping yard of Portland ME, one of the US’s largest fishing ports and the largest for lobsters. The building was refurbished for Pierce Atwood and looks very impressive, with some of the original features left in as a nice touch – they left in some of those huge iron sliding doors on rails, right in the middle of the office. Our Information Architect Michael Christian would be very jealous!

After speaking with Pierce Atwood, we found that Claromentis seemed to meet a number of their needs; they want to bring together a number of practices into one place, particularly e-learning, e-forms, staff news, and a people directory.

Claromentis Digital WorkJeep
Our ride for the trip – the Digital WorkJeep!

Stas (Claromentis Service Delivery Manager): It has been a great experience meeting Pierce Atwood face to face, and to hear their issues and needs. It was really encouraging to hear that they really like our support and the services we’ve delivered for them so far.

Interestingly they have only 9 people in their IT support team, supporting over 270 people. Therefore, they were looking for something like Claromentis to allow them to get rid of a number of different systems and use a digital workplace to replace these with one platform. To them this means less overheads in support. It also allows them to give permissions to content managers who deal with a specific section or feature of the system.

Stand by for Part 2 of “The Claromentis East Coast Tour Diaries”!

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