Why is task management software packed with business benefits?

author Kerensa Johnson, January 25, 2017

In the modern day, an essential part of the digital workplace offered by the latest intranet software is a task management function. Quite simply, it could a provide a bigger boost to operational efficiency for your business than any investment which you make. If you are keen to know how your performance metrics could be revolutionised by choosing an intranet platform with the right task management software, read on as we run through some of the big business benefits which are on offer:

Return on investment

In business, isn’t this the single biggest consideration every time we use part of our budget – how much return can we expect? Both directly and indirectly, task management software has the ability to repay your outlay. Streamlining your operations through task management software puts less of a drain on your management – they now no longer need to micromanage their understudies and are freed up to put their energy into other parts of your business.

What’s more, a savvy investment in the right intranet platform means that the task management software you can utilise negates the need for other resources which you might pay for; employees at all levels of your organisation now have one location to look through current and past projects, so why invest in another, potentially costly, resource?

If you could do with cutting down your training costs, an intranet system with the right task management software could hold the key. Rather than train employees to use a multitude of complex, divergent systems, they can plan, diarise and document projects with the greatest of ease on one simple interface.

When it comes to accounts, you can also stamp out the problem of money leaked away through inaccurate billing, by using the task management software to make the process surrounding all your customer quotations and invoices super efficient.

Designed for delegation

There are very few collaborative projects in any kind of business which don’t require some form of delegation. The ability to delegate within the platform of a company intranet by using task management software can allow management to stay a step ahead. It is a sure fire alternative to the ever growing, confusing email chains which can often be an organisation’s way of planning a project. You can get away from the problem of missed or deleted emails and time spent searching through your inboxes. You may also have the opportunity to analyse abilities and attributes prior to assigning tasks, using the very same software.

Deal with your data

When deadlines are involved, it is important that timelines are accurate and that the time apportioned to each project reflects the various tasks which are required. Task management software can help no end with this element, allowing data to be gathered in order to calculate project length, before a schedule is created based on the evidence which has been collated. Projects done on time can mean more successes, and in turn, a positive impact on the bottom line.

Find your maximum speed

As we all know in business, time is money. According to the experts, many businesses which find their mojo and experience rapid growth owe it to the discovery of how to process their tasks more quickly. It sounds simple, because it is. Task management software can speed up the whole process because it gives such a clear project overview (including times and dates), improves communication and provides a uniform system which everybody at a company can get familiar with.

Communicate and collaborate

As touched on briefly above, all too many times projects fall victim to the streams of email chains in which attachments, key instructions and contacts become tricky to find. Task management software does away with all this, and offers a central hub where relevant documents can be stored, updates can be shared on an ongoing basis, and timelines can be monitored.

Need a nudge?

If your business is performing well, the chances are your employees are busy most of the time. And assuming that you have a human work force, human error dictates that every now and then you will forget things – we all do! For this reason, the reminders and notification system offered by the right task management software can be very welcome – automating alerts for when you need them the most, on the times and days which you choose. These can even be sent to your email inbox, meaning you are covered when it comes to the tasks that are high on your priority list.
It all comes back to making things easier – which so many of the most successful products and services on earth do. Identifying an intranet solution with integrated task management software can drive home the benefits to multiple areas of your business, and give you a stable platform around which to grow your operations.