New Social Project Management App by Claromentis

Our intranet software has been extended with a social project management application, called ‘Idea Spaces’. This recent release offers intranet teams a secure, collaborative area to efficiently get things done together. Built-in task and event management features along with employee tagging capabilities equip organisations with the relevant tools for managing projects.

Features Include:

Permission-Based Project Spaces
Keep project spaces secure through the allocation of permissions – allowing for intranet users to view the project space or inherit full administrator rights.

Collaborative Activity Streams
Ideas, comments and updates can be posted on the project’s activity stream in real time. Files, links and documents can also be attached and shared, helping to eliminate the amount of internal emails being sent.

Task Management
Intranet users can create tasks and assign priority levels – the ability to create reoccurring tasks is also available and automatic notifications are additionally issued. The ‘check-box’ task management style provides employees with an overview of upcoming tasks that are due to be completed.

Create Project Events
Project events or meetings can be created with a list view of all upcoming events. Meeting notes and agendas can be added to the Notes section.

Promote Collaboration with ‘Hot Topics’
Project spaces containing ten or more comments are automatically assigned ‘Hot Topic’ labels to further promote collaboration and interaction.

Instant Search and Bookmarks
Tag clouds along with instant keyword filtering help intranet users to find relevant project spaces; further filtering by currently bookmarked, archived, categories, and ‘hot topics’ is available.

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