Your SME Needs Task Management Software – Here’s 8 Reasons Why

author Carol Mentis, May 15, 2017

Digital Workplace for SMEs | Claromentis

Running a small to medium-sized business can be a challenge. From recruiting the right talent to financial management, setting KPIs and monitoring performance to having the right technology, it’s packed with hurdles. However, if there’s one thing you shouldn’t be worried about, it’s your intranet software.

This cloud-based platform helps you to turn your SME into a highly effective digital workplace, in which efficiency and productivity are at the heart of what you do. One of the key aspects that intranet software can bring to your office, along with collaboration software, document management, and e-learning, is task management software. It is essentially part of the term ‘project management’ and helps your business gain greater visibility and control over all aspects of your work and resources. But how does it specifically help to improve the success of your SME business?

Removes counter-productive work

If all your staff have access to task management software, they can easily see what everyone is doing. This helps to stop jobs being repeated or forgotten about and can stop anyone from doubling up on tasks that cover similar ground. Instead, similar tasks can be collated and allocated to one individual, who will no doubt be able to do them all twice as fast because they are focused on one role. Multi-tasking can break productivity.

Improve costings for projects

It can be hard to budget for projects or to quote effectively if you never quite know how long each task takes or how many people need to be involved to get it completed. That’s where task management software can help. It provides a consistent way of estimating for each project, both with time and resources, and keeping track of it once it’s underway. Task management software also helps you to monitor your expenditure, plus means you can see how all your work is impacting upon your operating budget. In having one access point for everyone, this also helps to put a standard in place for how projects are quoted, so you are providing similar rates for all customers.

Meet deadlines

When your work is being tracked in task management software, this can significantly help SME businesses to meet deadlines. You are able to monitor closely all the projects under way, who is working on them and when they need to be finished by. If it looks like it is going to over-run, other staff can see if there are areas in which they can help, which will help to boost productivity and output. In turn, meeting deadlines can help boost customer satisfaction and positivity within the workplace.

Prioritise work

It is important in any workplace to prioritise work, but especially in an SME when resources may be more limited. In putting task management software in place, you can define a sensible and realistic order to your work. This will help you to use your team and time effectively and will ensure you can maximise the benefit this has. It can also help to minimise the risk of project failures.

Assess risks in your work

As well as helping with project management, task management software can also help with risk management. In being able to see all the work underway, you can also get a better idea of where potential risks may be lurking – for example, a large project with not enough staff working on it, or not enough budget allocated to some time-intensive work. In identifying this, you can prevent it from escalating and can move your team or finances around to ensure all areas are covered.

Plan projects clearly and consistently

Task management software helps you to plan your work activities and projects in a very simple, clear and easy method. Because it is hosted on intranet software, this means all your team will have access regardless of where they work. It also means that everyone can plan their tasks, responsibilities and deliverables in a consistent method, in which everyone is overseeing it. This can help to reduce the risk of something being missed or overlooked and can ensure exact timings and decisions are put in place from the outset. This will particularly help with meeting budgets and deadlines.

Encourage collaboration

By putting all your tasks into one space, this helps all your staff to come together and work in a collaborative way. They will be able to see if they can help their colleagues or if their resources could be better placed elsewhere. They will also have a much better understanding of how the business is working from a 360-degree approach. This can help them to feel more invested in the company and feel as though they understand the strategy being adopted and why decisions are being made.

Gain a real-time overview

Rather than waiting for people to come to you with updates or not hearing about problems until they happen, having a digital workplace means you can always be on top of what is happening. It gives you an effective toolkit for ensuring all your operations are being managed smoothly and effectively; you can see the status of any work or project at all times and can keep a watchful eye on any staff that don’t appear to be performing.

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