Six Things That Staff Want From Their Work Computer Systems

Six Things That Staff Want From Their Work Computer Systems | Claromentis

Your staff are the most important resource you have. They’re the ones that complete tasks and deliver services on the company’s behalf and therefore are the ones that create revenue. Employees want to do well and want tools that allow them to complete their work effectively.

For this, your business’ computer systems need to be up to scratch. Here are six things that staff want to help them do their job more efficiently:

1. Software that allows them to work anywhere

There are many reasons why intranet software is needed in businesses nowadays, but a major one is that staff are more mobile now than ever. Staff can move between desks and locations all the time and as such, want to quickly access their documents and emails. In addition, more than half of UK workers are expected to spend some of their time working from home.

Only with a digital workplace supported by great intranet software can this be achieved. It also opens opportunities to design an office that utilises best practices, including standing and sitting desks that staff can switch between to help with body posture and limiting health problems. This can also benefit employers, as standing desks are also shown to boost productivity.

Claromentis standing desks

We use standing desks in the Claromentis offices to help encourage regular movement (hover board optional)

2. Computer systems that have the ability to teach as well as for work

Staff don’t just want to use their company’s IT systems for every day work. They want it to help them learn new skills and progress in their careers. That is why digital workplaces are so useful. They can be home to multiple e-learning courses that can help employees to advance their knowledge and become more valuable to the organisation.

Claromentis e-learning application

Use your digital workplace to host e-learning courses that boost staff professional development

The biggest advantage of e-learning in a digital workplace is that the learning materials can be delivered anywhere, even at the employee’s home. Plus learning and training records are retained by the organisation as proof of their hard work. This will help to improve the quality of work of the company and motivate staff for higher levels of productivity.

3. A secure environment in which to work

There is a lot of focus on keeping IT systems secure from cyber criminals for businesses. It is often staff who are the unwitting accomplices to cybercrime because they open an email or click through on a malicious link. The cost of a data breach in the UK can be substantial, with every record being stolen worth about £113.

Staff don’t like to be the ones who have been manipulated into giving criminals access to sensitive data. This is why they like to feel that they are using a secure system that offers them protection. A good piece of intranet software should offer some protection with anti-virus, email filtering and other IT security features to help keep staff protected from making mistakes that can harm the business’ reputation. Double your login security as well with two-factor authentication, where staff will be unable to access business systems without their password and an additional passcode sent to their phone.

4. A system that allows them to start work as soon as possible

When you bring on a new member of staff, they don’t want to be waiting around to get started. Nor do you. Every day that you are inducting a new member of your team into the company is wasted productivity. As the cost of hiring a new employee is dependent on getting them up to full productivity and fast, you need to look into ways of minimising inductions.

That isn’t to say induction schemes should be skipped. They are important and can reduce new employee turnover. However, there are tasks that can be completed before the employee’s first day that reduce the amount of time that the new staff member needs to be on-site. For instance, getting them to complete necessary paperwork and information (like NI number, emergency contacts, etc.)on the staff intranet. This saves time, and familiarises the staff member with your IT system.

You could also create a dedicated induction area on your intranet that contains all the information the new recruit needs, from company news and mandatory policies to holiday allowance and recommended e-learning courses.

Welcome page | Claromentis

Use your digital workplace to build an induction page for new starters

5. For updates to be completed without too much disruption

When you are completing updates on your IT software, you don’t want to waste employee time by asking them to install updates and then restart their computer. And you certainly don’t want to have to ask a member of your IT team to go round and help every member of staff do this. It is a waste of time and money. It is also very frustrating for staff, who just want to get on with their work.

With intranet software, all the updates can be initiated centrally and can be done when staff aren’t at their desks. This reduces the amount of downtime your computer systems have, prevents frustration with staff, and saves time.

6. They want good communications channels

Without good communications, businesses cannot offer effective services or products. In the past, communications could be via various different tools like email, phone, letter, fax, etc. The challenge was getting these communications to all the right people and ensuring that they were logged. If it wasn’t done properly, then issues in the business’ processes could happen.

Claromentis corporate social networking

Centralise all your communications and conversations within your digital workplace

With a digital workplace, all communications can be centralised, with conversations saved for reference later on or kept for people who’ve missed out on important talking points. This helps to reduce rework and prevents people from continuously repeating the same things that they’ve mentioned before.

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