Does your Software Vendors Support Older Browsers?

Claromentis Browser Compatibility Matrix

We understand how important it is to keep our intranet software up-to-date and compatible with the latest browsers. We always support the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome, and from Claromentis 7.3 onwards we now fully support Internet Explorer 11, as well as IE9 and IE10. This is fantastic news for companies who are able to keep their infrastructure current, and we pride ourselves on being able support the latest and most commonly used browsers.

However, some software vendors are unfortunately not so proactive, and require older browsers to function properly. This can be down to the software not being supported any more, or the vendor itself no longer exists. This disrupts the companies that highly depend on such software, as they are prevented from upgrading their infrastructure in order to keep using these important legacy systems. And without a newer browser and network in place, companies cannot take advantage of new and exciting software.

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Therefore, this presents quite a conundrum; whilst companies wish to use the latest functionality and get the most out of the newest features and enhancements it can offer, they cannot move forward as they are tied to old systems that are reliant on outdated infrastructure. So what can be done?

One option is for companies such as ourselves to continue support for older browsers. Support for IE8 was concluded in Claromentis 7.3, so that we can dedicate our resources in improving compatibility with newer browsers. However, we understand that companies who are forced to use old infrastructure will still want to benefit from the latest technologies, so vendors like us need to commit some time to making our product suitable for older browsers.

We understand how important it is to the customer that they can remain on their current infrastructure, so that they can continue to use central legacy systems, whilst also benefitting from the newest functionality. That said, it’s also vital that we are able to continue working on enhancing our framework for customers who are able to use modern browsers, and it’s important that we can achieve this balance.

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