Short and Sweet Tasks to Do Now to Enhance Your Intranet

It’s a Friday afternoon, you’re excited about the weekend, and you’ve been tasked to overhaul your intranet software to make it fun and engaging. On the surface, this may seem like a huge undertaking; but it doesn’t need to be. Little tweaks here and there can make a great difference to improving user engagement and facilitating communication. Here are a few tips and tricks that can be completed in no time at all, but can make a big impact:

Create a poll or survey

Everyone loves to voice their opinion; by creating a poll or short survey that appears on the intranet homepage, you can grab users’ attention as well as get their feedback. The subject matter doesn’t necessarily need to be work-related; it just needs to be something that will create a sense of community and foster engagement.

Claromentis Polls App

Post a blog

Blogs are a great way to share stories that are more personal and approachable. Create a blog about a great book you’ve read recently, or an idea you had that would improve office culture, or even a new initiative that you believe would really enhance the company. Our Blogs app also allows users to add comments, so readers can share their enthusiasm and express their thoughts.

Claromentis Blog App


Start a conversation

Our corporate social networking app is a great way to get people talking, ask questions, and share ideas. Start a FAQs channel, where users can have access to a dedicated space to ask questions, get answers quickly, and share knowledge to the whole community.

Claromentis corporate social networking app

Improve users’ homepage slider

This is by far the quickest – and easiest – improvement you can make on your intranet; it will quite literally take 5 seconds! Our popular homepage slider app is a permanent fixture on many intranets, but did you know the slides can be ordered by popularity? By checking a single box in the Admin panel, users will see the slides they have most interaction with first, which can help save them time to get to the places they want.

Claromentis homepage slider


Create a Knowledge Base article

Our Knowledge Base module is a fantastic central hub for storing all information related to your company, from detailed business procedures to instructions for using the coffee machine! Create a short article about useful tips or common questions; and to double up productivity, share the article on Innovate so that users can access it straight away!

Claromentis knowledge base app

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