Read These Points Before Choosing Your Next Workplace Management Platform!

author Carol Mentis, June 5, 2017

Project Management | Claromentis

Let’s be straight: project management is not easy and it never will be. When you’re faced with exponential business growth, it can be a challenge to adapt to new processes and systems that threaten the comfort of your current project management style.

The problem is, if you don’t make the changes to meet business needs, your current project management approach will fall flat on its face. It may be outdated or it could be that it just can’t handle the company’s development.

One area of project management that should always be in your mind is your project management platform. It is crucial to your success that you make the right decision from the get go, otherwise you could be haunted by your misstep in the future.

To assist you in making the right decision, we’ve created a rundown of what we believe to be areas to consider before choosing your project management platform. These considerations will direct you into making the right educated choice in the future.

Consider your project needs

The one thing that needs to be mentioned from the outset is that there isn’t a singular, universal project management system. Taking a one-size-fits-all approach to your task management solution isn’t going to benefit anyone.

You need to research what the best project management platform is in line with your project requirements. If time is of the essence, for example, you need a platform that is going to put that at the forefront of its application so you can focus on time frames and project deadlines.

Here’s a handy tip – list what your project aims, tasks and goals are. Then look at what each available platform can do for you. This will help you make a more informed decision and it will also allow you to visualise how each platform will operate if selected.

Look at what your current project management platform offers

Chances are that you already have a platform in place. It has done you well up until now, but because of a change in your working environment, you are now looking for a new solution.

That’s fine and dandy, but remember that the current platform has worked for you. In choosing a new system, you need to decide what it is that needs to change. Is it how many users your platform offers, or is there a specific step that you need included on a new programme?

To help you with this, make a list of what works and what doesn’t work. That way, you can investigate which platforms can support your changes and even ask developers what would be the best solution to meet these requirements.

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Understand how a new platform would affect your business

The introduction of new intranet software is likely to affect not just you, but probably your whole team, and in some cases your entire company. It is pivotal that you don’t bring in a piece of software that is going to turn your business’ hard work on its head.

Many workflow management platforms are designed to be user-friendly, but the more complex ones can take a while to come to grips with. Every project you run has a life cycle and the last thing you want to do is disrupt your hard work with a platform that nobody understands.

To avoid this problem, sit down with the other users in your business and find out what their needs are. Do they need collaborative features or is integration their biggest concern? What sort of features would make the digital workplace a benefit instead of a hindrance?

Think about the future

Reality check: you don’t want to find yourself in the same position twice. You’re already struggling to replace that outdated task management platform this time round without being faced with the same obstacle two years down the line.

You need to consider future projects and the lifeline of your software. As you have already witnessed, it is not just replacing a platform, processes have to be rebooted too. Your team won’t appreciate you if they discover that all of their training has been useless because the software is obsolete.

Consider the benefits of having a scalable workflow management platform in place. While perhaps more expensive, it can be adapted and evolved to grow with business performance. That will save you having to fork out on a new platform in the future and it will lessen disruption to your team as well.

Still unsure about what to do?

As intranet software developers, you can rely on our years of expertise to help craft the right workflow management platform for your business. Working with Claromentis will allow you to remain in control of how your digital workplace operates within your growing business. Contact our team to discuss your project management platform requirements today.