Rapidly Access Intranet Applications from your Homepage

As an intranet manager, one of your many aims is to ensure that users can quickly locate information and navigate through their intranet seamlessly.

When users are immediately presented with an overwhelming number of applications on their intranet’s homepage, it ultimately leads to time wastage and confusion. Our UI Designer Ricardo Campos has created a Fast Access Application Widget which initially presents users with 8 intranet application icons, but expands to showcase the remaining applications if prompted (these icons are links to each intranet app).

We thought it was a helpful widget as intranet managers can spend a considerable amount of time trying to decide upon the top application icons on their intranet’s homepage.

So here it is…

Intranet Design #1 – the initial Fast Access Application Widget with a limited number of icons.

Intranet Design #2 – when a user scrolls over the widget, a complete list of application icons appear taking users directly to their preferred intranet application.

Intranet Design

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3 thoughts on “Rapidly Access Intranet Applications from your Homepage
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  • I do like the concept of the rapid application access, but do wonder how do users know to scroll activation of pop up?

    Would suggest that “Application” buttons also enable links to non-Intranet applications e.g. expenses system. Creating a more consistent view to the user.

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