Quality Management : Adding a New Policy to Policy Manager

This 4 minute video blog shows adding a new draft policy to Claromentis Policy Manager, one of the 3 applications in our Quality Management Solution.

This is a first in a planned series of short videos on the use of the Claromentis Quality Manager Solution to improve compliance and gain efficiencies when working in a quality controlled environment. If you have any feedback or content requests please just let us know.

2 thoughts on “Quality Management : Adding a New Policy to Policy Manager
  • Like the video, great example of what we can look forward to in our video library/knowledge base. I think this will really work for the guided tours too. We can have a complete overview video then short videos broken down into processes such as this one.

  • I think this video blog is an excellent way to demonstrate software functionalities which encompass quite a broad/complex business process. I am amazed that you covered quite a lot in under 5 minutes. Great work. More of these, please …

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