Project Management Tips and How to Manage Change for Digital Workplace or Intranet Projects

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As the influence technology has on organisations continues to grow, there are increasing benefits to the digital workplace, but there are also increasing challenges. Mobile technology has enabled true mobility in the digital workplace, but it has also changed our working habits – and not always for the better.

Despite the ever-increasing number of technologies and tools at our disposal, project managers are still wasting vast amounts of time on ineffectual methods of working. Some figures have estimated as many as twenty days per year are wasted simply due to ineffectual project management. So where are we going wrong?

The answer is deceptively simple. Project managers aren’t taking the time to relearn the skills necessary to manage projects within the digital workplace. At the same time, project organisations require the development of new capabilities in order to compete. Yet aligning existing capabilities with new investments is easier said than done. It’s essential that we consider what really works and, more importantly, what’s hindering us in our project management efforts.

A common platform

Creating an online project area in which your team can easily plan, execute and chase-up activities is essential. By putting everyone in one place, you’ll ensure your team is fully engaged, and enable your project manager to quickly visualise the progress of projects and the workload of individual team members.

Smarter tools

Using collaboration tools that enable you, your team members, and senior management to easily keep track of project milestones, actions, and progress is an essential aspect of project management in the digital workplace.

Updated technology

The days when email ruled the online world are coming to an end. There are more efficient methods of communication that don’t come with clogged inboxes and hours lost to email addiction. The ability to communicate project details, status updates and messages across your shared online platform is more efficient, more effective, and results in fewer meetings, saving you massive amounts of time.

Secure workspace

Ensure your whole team are aware of how to keep their documents and data safe and secure. Having a safe platform on which everyone can share their data anytime, anywhere, is key.


Cultivating a completely transparent and open workplace culture will enable you to cut back on base-touching meetings. By using a cloud collaboration tool that’s all-in-one and includes visual features, your team members will quickly and easily become aware of the progress of their projects, and their responsibilities.

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How to manage change on digital workplace or intranet projects

Given the constantly changing nature of the digital workplace, change management is essential. It needs to happen consistently, and on a constant basis, across the complete lifecycle of any new platform. From the early design phase through to the implementation and use of your platform, change management can’t be an afterthought. Things aren’t ‘business as usual’ because you have instigated a fundamental change. Change is good, but it requires adjustment and management, just as any project requires management.

Change management requirements fluctuate over time
The exact nature of your change management requirements will fluctuate over time. The period immediately before and immediately after the launch of any change are going to be the most intense. Other times will require a fluctuating amount of effort, but they will all require some level of change management.

Engage different groups through targeted interventions
Change management should be targeted at the specific needs of various different groups. Your super-users are going to require different levels of intervention to your regular users and senior management. You should use targeted communication and methods for the different groups within your organisation.

The power of local autonomy
You may be launching large-scale changes in your intranet software or digital workplace, but there will likely be local managers available who can aid you in coordinating your change management efforts. Give them enough autonomy to actually be of help to you, and keep them engaged throughout the process.

Cross-functional approaches
Involving other central functions like IT, training, and HR will provide you with valuable buy-in and enable you to more easily leverage additional perspectives and skills.

Speak their language
Steer clear of jargon, fluffy vocabulary and fuzzy concepts. Focus instead on the ways you can present your new initiative to employees and workers in a way they can understand. Communicate in their language, the language of your business and organisation, and the niche languages of the different groups within it that you are targeting.

Training is often overlooked, but ensuring you target specific groups with vital training is very effective. Using a self-service access model for training resources can be the most pragmatic option.

Project management and change management in the digital workplace can be tough. Bringing your business in line with current technologies and methods is an ongoing and often tricky process. If you’re looking for help developing your intranet or online platform, or instigating training to help you manage changes in your digital workplace, get in touch – we’re here to help.

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