PHP UK Conference 2009

PHP UK Conference 2009
PHP UK Conference 2009

I recently attended the UK’s largest PHP developer conference in Olympia, hoping to pick up some new ideas and tech to apply to Claromentis‘ software suite.

I was really looking forward to two specific sessions at the conference, one on Adobe Flex/AIR, and one concerning a new type of database from the MySQL team, based on high-scalability.

Flex and AIR for PHP Programmers

Presented by Mihai Corlan, we got into this pretty quickly and were given some very quick and easy looking demonstrations on how to use Flex & AIR to prettify our PHP server-side apps with elegant and fast desktop clients. This was of interest in terms of Claromentis as a multi-platform, web-technology based desktop client would certainly appeal to customers who are unhappily bounded by their web-browser. It also gives a level cross-platform playing field for development, and punts quite a lot of the browser-compatibility concerns so common for web developers into the grass.

As a company based on Open Source technology, perhaps my only fear for a Claromentis suite using Flex & AIR extensively is being tied into a proprietary solution over which the users have no real control. A choice which most software companies have no doubt had to make.

Clouds on the horizon? Get ready for Drizzle

Unfortunately named “Drizzle”, which hardly suggests stellar performance, the website (and not a small amount of the presentation) suggests:

“A database optimized for Cloud and Net applications. It is being designed for massive concurrency on modern multi-cpu/core architecture.”

Just what’s required if you’ve ever watched the single-process MySQLD struggling with a large query, with your other 7 cores sitting mostly idle.
There wasn’t a massive amount of mature technology to see here, but the ideas for making everybody’s lives easier, from deployment to administration, as well as harnessing all of the dormant CPU power in MySQL servers the world over make this an irresistable concept. I hope to see much more solid tech to play with in the future.

Claromentis currently supports any of Oracle, MS SQL Server or MySQL, and Drizzle really would be another feather in the cap for database support when it’s in a mature state.

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  • Adobe Flex+AIR allows rich internet application development but the problem is always the fact not every PC has up-to-date flash plug-in. The adoption rate will be extremely low in security conscious corporate environment.

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