[NEW VERSION] Claromentis Release Version 8.3 of their Intranet Software

Claromentis 8.3 is here

We’re thrilled to announce that the latest version of Claromentis has landed! With more than 24 new features and 367 bugs metaphorically squashed, 8.3 marks the beginning of an exciting summer for Claromentis and our clients.

New features in Claromentis 8.3

This release see loads of usability improvements which will help users navigate their way around Claromentis in an easier and more engaging way. Apps which have benefited from the UX treatment this release include:

Image Gallery

Those office party photos you uploaded onto your employee intranet can now be displayed in a new fullscreen slideshow. Simply click, swipe, or drag your mouse to move from one image to the next.


Our revolutionary Content Management System (CMS), Pages, has had a few tweaks to make it even easier to build intranet sites and homepages.

Knowledge Base

We’ve made knowledge sharing easier than ever, with brand new “Share” buttons available for each article, as well as a “Was this helpful?” button to upvote good quality content.

Bonus: Better integration

Another prominent theme in Claromentis 8.3 is integration. We’ve integrated features from our corporate social networking app, such as the ability to “Like” and add comments, across various applications throughout the system to create a more inclusive and collaborative environment. We’ve also improved integration with Microsoft Active Directory and Google Docs; another great step towards providing a single integrated digital workplace.

More information

If you’d like more information about the new features in Claromentis 8.3, get in touch with us to receive our full release notes. You can also try our software for free to get a glimpse of the new stuff today!



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