Keep Up To Date with Digital Tools

Keeping a digital workplace running smoothly isn’t something that happens automatically. Even if you invested in software a relatively short time ago, it’s important to keep on top of the new developments in technology to ensure you’re not falling behind.

For some organisations, moving on from email as the main means of communication and team management has been a big step. However, it’s vital to continue advancing as a company by ensuring you have the best apps that will help team members communicate and work together in the most effective way possible.

Real time chat tools

If you’re still primarily using email, it’s important to check out some of the new, real-time chat tools. When email was first introduced, it provided a massive boost to the business world, making communication quicker and eliminating endless phone calls, faxes, and memos.

Now, however, there’s a new generation of chat tools that will enable teams to remain in constant contact, not only from the office, but also if they’re on the road, at a meeting, at home, or in a remote location, thanks to improvements in mobile devices. It’s no longer vital that you’re at your computer to check email when you can communicate using an instant messaging app on any mobile device.

The modern programs have the same benefits as email, such as file sharing, but have useful extras, such as group chats that allow conversation to flow easily and smoothly, cutting out the disjointed chains that can be found in emails. Create your own channels to discuss certain topics in groups or teams, so everyone can take part in the conversation.

Document sharing

Gone are the days when an assignment would be created in a Word document, saved manually and attached to an email to send to colleagues. Using cloud-based apps means there are much more efficient ways of sharing content, without the need for cumbersome attachments.

Collaborative editing is supported and every team member can access the document, view the contents, and edit it in real time. Everything can be automatically saved, so there are no fears that your hard work will be lost should you forget to save it manually. The work can be accessed from any device that has an internet connection.

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Project management

There are some excellent project management tools around today and if you haven’t tried them, you could be missing out. Modern apps will keep all communication on each project in one place, allowing team members to organise their day with lists of tasks, update the project with comments, post important information, share files and arrange meetings.

There’s no requirement to go to meetings in person when you have an app that enables you to chat to colleagues from your computer, tablet or mobile phone screen. Video chat apps are replacing the need to attend time-consuming meetings, perhaps at other offices, involving a drive or train journey.

Why waste time meeting in person at a specific location, after spending more time printing off documents to present at a meeting, when your files can be shared digitally and you can speak to your colleagues through video chat? Replace meetings with video chat apps and other digital tools that will help you to use your time more efficiently and improve productivity.

Replace annual reviews

Most employees and managers wouldn’t look forward to their annual review, with managers spending time compiling data to decide the appropriate feedback, while staff wondered whether there would be a positive or negative reaction to their endeavours over the past 12 months.

In truth, this is an outdated mode of assessing staff performance. In today’s digital workplace, managers must ensure motivation all year round, rather than having it peak just before an annual review and then dropping off again afterwards.

Today, performance management systems are available that take all the hassle out of performance reviews, using interactive self-assessment, creating goals and objectives and having a platform for feedback. The tools will completely streamline your internal feedback process.

It’s even possible to integrate the performance management system with other team collaboration apps, to keep all of the data for rewards and feedback in one place.

Prior to purchasing new software for your company, make sure you discuss and understand exactly what you need. If in any doubt, there’s expert help available through external consultancies to ensure your software propels you firmly into the 21st century, rather than leaving you living in the dark ages.

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