Why You Should Keep Pace with the Latest Intranet Advances

Whether you’re running a private sector business, a charity, or a public sector organisation, keeping up with the latest intranet trends is essential for increased efficiency. Thanks to rapid advances in technology in recent years, it’s much easier to install and maintain an intranet. If your organisation doesn’t have one yet, it’s time to take the plunge.

Read on to find out the latest intranet benefits that ensure it’s a seamless process to ease your organisation into the 21st century:

1. Phasing in your intranet launch

Advances in technology have made it possible for modern businesses to gradually phase in their intranet system, however complex their processes. The ability to roll out your intranet in a controlled manner is a massive benefit, allowing employees to carry on with their day-to-day duties with minimum disruption to the workflow. Once installed, the intranet will enable your organisation to prioritise features and functions, enhancing efficiency, without having suffered any downtime while installation was completed.

2. Simpler collaboration

With today’s global market, many businesses will have offices not only in different parts of the country, but also in other locations worldwide. The need for collaboration is greater than ever, with your intranet ensuring project teams are on the same page, wherever they’re based. Collaboration tools have improved to such a degree in recent years that your virtual office will be with you wherever you are, including on the mobile device of your choice.

3. Enhanced security improvements

The importance of data security & permissions has been emphasised time and time again during the past year, with a number of high-profile security breaches hitting the headlines, most notably the cyber-attack on communications giant TalkTalk in 2015, which saw almost 157,000 customers’ personal data hacked. Your intranet contains large amounts of important business intelligence and personal data, and protecting it from hackers is paramount. Thanks to advances in technology, your intranet can offer improved hosting options, augmented data security, and enhanced infrastructure security for the operating system and access permissions.

4. Integrating with the internet of things

You may have heard a lot of talk lately about the internet of things. This refers to new technology that enables network connectivity for everyday objects, so they can send and receive data. This includes all kinds of items, such as mobile phones, washing machines, coffee makers, lamps, headphones, and a multitude of wearable devices, in addition to machinery components, such as the jet engine of an aircraft, or an oil rig’s drill. This results in an ability to connect appliances and electronics to the internet for monitoring them and providing enhanced features. Your business needs to be a part of this, as an estimated 26 billion devices will be connected by 2020. Your company intranet must keep pace with the technology so you don’t lose ground with competitors.

5. Better interfaces for mobile devices

Make sure your intranet is user-friendly by providing efficient access, whether employees are in the office, or on the go on their mobile device. Technological advances have enabled more intranets with features that are compatible with touch-screen use. Improved interfaces mean there are no dips in productivity because someone is out of the office, on their way to a meeting, or working remotely. Easy access to the intranet on any mobile device is a must.

6. Improved search functions

An efficient search feature is vital for your business network. If the function is slow or inaccurate, your workforce can waste hours over the course of a week, or even a year, waiting for search results. This can mean less productivity and a loss of revenue, simply due to an inefficient system. Great advances have been made in modern intranets to provide the high standard required by 21st century businesses. Your intranet should support your workforce in finding the resources they need quickly and effectively.

7. Integrating social intranet capabilities

Social functions within the intranet have been growing steadily in the business world. Many companies now integrate social intranet tools, such as sharing, blogging, video conferencing, chat, and the ability to “like” posts and comment on threads, into their intranet to keep the workforce engaged and connected. Enhancing your company intranet with social tools is fast becoming an essential part of everyday working life for just about every type of project and collaborative effort.

When the company intranet is functioning properly, increasing your workforce’s input will ensure employees feel respected, that their voices are heard, and that their individual opinion matters. This is a positive development that leads to greater employee engagement and productivity. With a concerted effort, employers can take full advantage of the latest intranet advances to customise the software to specific business and employee requirements.

In many cases, even a relatively minor change to an intranet can make a major difference. Organisations that introduce progressive changes in an intuitive manner will be able to maximise intranet performance while staying in tune with employees’ needs, benefiting both the company and the workforce.

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