Investing in E-training for Your Staff

author Carol Mentis, October 2, 2017

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Whether you have a physical location or digital workplace, there is a lot of reason to invest in your staff. Employees want training just as much as they need it. Research conducted by Middlesex University discovered that out of 4,300 workers, 74% didn’t feel they were achieving their full potential with their work as a result of a lack in development opportunities. Yet despite this, in the same research they found that 56% of HR managers thought training and development was essential as a business enabler. Therefore in many cases, what HR teams believe and what they put into practice don’t match up.

Reduce staff turnover

Not training your staff can result in a high turnover. PwC found that up to one in three people will leave an organisation within their first year, either through choice or involuntarily – while 22% of staff turnover will happen during the first six weeks of employment. Plus, in a study in 2014 by Gallup, only 13% of employees felt they were highly engaged, while 26% felt they were actively disengaged. Ultimately, offering training to staff is a key way of achieving better engagement.

Invest in mentoring

It’s time to start investing more into mentoring and guiding staff. The U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics revealed that companies with less than 100 employees were only giving staff an average of 12 minutes manager training every six months, and in organisations with 100-500 employees, this reduced further to just six minutes. The reality is that it should be much longer, and should start far earlier. It is critical to invest in on-boarding early on in the process, and to ensure staff have the formal training they need from the very beginning to make the right steps going forward.

Saving time and energy with intranet software

In large companies with overstretched resources, offering this training to the level and detail required can sometimes be easier said than done. However, that is where intranet software can come into action. This online portal for staff can act as a ‘hub’ in which all important information is kept. From training logs to staff on-boarding manuals, presentations detailing the company values and ideals, to dates for the latest training sessions available to staff, it’s a clear way to communicate with employees.

It will immediately increase their engagement and interest, because there is a very cohesive and transparent structure in place. Thanks to the growth in technical opportunities, you can also offer webinars and live streaming to connect your staff with top experts or professors from around the globe. It also means they can catch up on training in their own time, rather than delaying important jobs or begrudgingly taking time out of their busy days.

Retaining staff saves money

Businesses need to make retaining their employees one of their top priorities. CED magazine identified in 2015 that seven out of 10 respondents believe receiving job-related training and development opportunities will influence them to continue working with a company. It also costs money to lose staff, especially if you have already invested some level of cost into hiring them or training them. Therefore, having high staff retention levels (and staff happiness ranking) can be very valuable to the bottom line of your business. Replacing them will be far more expensive – and thanks to intranet software, technology is helping to do some of this work for you. That means you can achieve more, with less time and budget, but still with great results.

Applied learning

One of the important things to ensure happens when training is conducted or led through intranet software is for staff to ensure they go away and apply the skills they have learnt in their job. The learners’ needs need to be effectively mapped when developing any programs, but also some kind of monitoring or feedback process needs to be in place to identify whether they are using their training. This can be achieved through setting key performance indicators, which will be specifically in line with training received.

Ultimately, through e-learning and course software, you can provide staff with exactly what they need to progress in their chosen careers. With task management software, you can also monitor this in action. At all times it is important to take the needs of the learner into consideration. This can be achieved through sending out forms to staff to ascertain what type of support they feel they need and how they would like to receive this. They may have already seen particular programs that are of interest to them.

Keep it entertaining

Additionally, it is important that any training being offered is fun. Train Like A Champion found that one in every three employees believes if content is uninspiring, it is actually a barrier to them wanting to learn. Training programs need to be both entertaining and informative, while also being effective in the material and skills offered. If training is ineffective, it can actually cost a business money; a total of $13.5 million each year for every 1,000 employees according to Grovo.

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