Intranet Software – We did this “just because we can”

Intranet software has become so powerful as we move into 2009 – it is certainly exceeding the capacity of the average company to absorb it.

This brings into the limelight once again the discussion about the limits of intranet software, the role of consultancy and putting some kind of scoping controls over an intranet deployment – at least in phase 1.

At first glance this all seems counter intuitive from the point of view of the purchaser : here’s a few scenarios.. from the potential customer ..

1.    If I am selecting and intranet supplier I need the highest number of applications so whichever one I pick will end up having something like someone eventually decided I needed. Even if I don’t know how to define what ‘an application’ is..

2.    I don’t know quite what I want yet – so help me select a partner with loads of functionality. Then I cant pick the wrong one before I know what I want.

3.    Apparently it is really good if every user can take total control of their environment – I read this in some business magazine – if they want their local weather in the top right hand corner and their Claromentis application menus to be in pink then we really must recognize that need. To encourage collaboration. Apparently its part of web 2.0.


Here’s a few truths .. and questions ..

1.    If you want Claromentis experts to help you then you need to engage with them. On their level, and they are experienced. Helping you create a professional, meaningful road map is not a free task.

2.    Claromentis has clarity as its highest core value – what is yours?

3.    If a business doesn’t know where it wants to go then how is an intranet supposed to facilitate the journey?

4. Putting a blog out there is not going to transform your business.

This all comes down to the nature of partnerships – being really clear on where you business is , and in the permissioned internet world where it needs to get to. Such early clarity is very rare, in my experience.

What is my point? It is simple. You should think about using our expertise to help build a road map of how permissioned collaboration frameworks can augment or transform your business.

As intranet software has progressed, so have our services to support you. If potential customers would only start their projects by engaging our services to help  them, rather than throwing a half baked tender or intranet requirements document to a few randomly selected vendors – we could help them in ways they just have not even considered.

We really can transform your business..

Honestly …