Intranet Software Proposals over time

A significant trend has been happening over the last few years here at Claromentis, as our technology – and the space in which we operate – continues to mature and evolve at bewildering rates for those not used to the evolution of web based software.

I have given two specific high level presentations recently – and also redesigned from scratch a proposal document for a significant global company based in the USA – and I realised that neither the presentation or the proposal – for separate companies – included any details at all about our intranet software!

We keep a gallery of our web presence over the years, in fact this post by Michael is in interesting in this regard, and of course we can retrieve and review proposals we delivered to a range of companies looking for intranet solutions over the last 5 years.

There is a quite remarkable sea change here, obvious in just a surface scan of the relevant documents. In previous years we would always discuss features and functionality – because the general web space was moving so fast and every ISV, not just Claromentis, needed to continue to demonstrate that our solutions contained the functionality that our prospective clients needed.

In 2008 we have instead discussed our track record, our client base, global presence, our levels of customization and the fact that we are a PHP intranet framework that is commercially supported and open source extendable – all strategic issues that reflect our ability to partner with a new customer over the 5 year time frame to deliver their own as yet unplanned requirements. We are engaged in portals now for such critical issues as Competitive Marketing Intelligence, Sustainability portals, and managing Policies and procedures in a new online way to produce dramatic improvements in legislative compliance.

No-one is that interested in the details – yesterdays intranet peaks have become today’s functional commodities. Our discussions have genuinely moved back to where the requirements originated, and not on how they will be delivered in technical detail. And our conversations are more and more at board level. Long may it continue – it is about time the collaboration platform world delivered on its hyped up promises of yesteryear.

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