Intranet Software for Quality Managers

With clients now upgrading to Claromentis 5.4, we will have the fist opportunity to gain feedback on a significant new application – Quality Manager.

This application has been sponsored by one of our largest companies and provides important functionality for the management of policies and procedures.

It moves Policies and Procedures onto a truly online world, and away from our previous solution of using Document manager to provide version controlled online files.

The new online Quality Manager means:

  • Procedures and Manuals will be automatically updated when included procedures change, radically simplifying the business problem of maintaining a complex information layer
  • Compliance will be simpler
  • Online Policies and Procedures can be exported to many formats
  • Printed copies can be marked automatically as outside the quality management system
  • Different business units will automatically see the same content with their own brand – but there is only one Policy to maintain.

We are now working on the extension of this application to provide an enterprise level environment for the management of ISO or other legislative Audits – these two applications working together will provide the complete solution for Quality Managers.

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