How Intranets are Beneficial for Remote Working

If you have employees within your company who work from home on a remote basis, you may need to consider remote team software – such as an intranet system – to make sure all employees, whether internal or external, are able to work closely together to produce the results your business depends on. There are many benefits to purchasing intranet software if your company hires a large proportion of remote working employees. Here are a few reasons why an intranet would be a good investment:

Manage productivity

As you will not be able to monitor your employees on a face-to-face basis, it can be difficult to keep on top of their workload and see if they are completing tasks in the correct manner. Without an intranet system, it is hard to keep on top of your workforce’s contributions and hours worked. How do you know if your employee is completing their tasks within their designated hours? For all you know, they may be logged in but have become preoccupied with other matters, which you are paying for.

Sharing files

The likelihood is that those working remotely will need access to files and documents to complete set tasks. Files can be uploaded onto an intranet system for all users to access, which makes the whole process much easier. Files can become lost when sent through emails, especially when they need to be used on a regular basis to complete a task. By using an intranet system to share files, there is concrete evidence that a file has been sent should there be issues surrounding the ‘disappearance’ of documents.

Good communication

An intranet system allows for good communication between employees and managers. Due to the fact that most people now own a technological device such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone, communication has never been easier for personal and business reasons. Most devices allow for on-the-go communication in order to be contacted at any time. Although communication can be achieved through emails or video calls, it isn’t ideal for remote workers to manage business matters in this manner. The reason is that a remote worker won’t have the same access to information as in-house employees. Intranets use a number of tools to make communication as easy as possible between users. For example, news, events and tasks can be uploaded to keep all employees in the loop without confusion.

Help and guidance

As remote working largely depends on initiative to get the job done, it can be difficult to understand tasks without some form of help and guidance. In order for employees to produce the results you are looking for, clearly defined objectives need to be put in place. Due to the fact that there are few opportunities for face-to-face meetings with remote work, an intranet should be one of the most crucial forms of investment to give your employees some back-up.

Team spirit

As a remote worker, it can be a lonely life without colleagues. Remote workers are usually left in the dark about how their efforts have paid off, which doesn’t allow for team spirit or motivation in any shape or form. Without other employees to communicate with in physical form, an intranet provides a space which allows a sense of wider belonging and community. Team meetings can be set up as well as activities and other bonding techniques to get to know one another on a personal level.

Increased opportunity

If you don’t yet have remote workers within your company but are looking to expand your team, an intranet allows for flexible working opportunities. More and more people in the current age are looking for roles which offer them a better work-life balance and which often involve flexibility. Likewise, if you believe there are talented individuals who are located elsewhere and could be the perfect candidate for your company, this can be made possible through an intranet system. All barriers are broken down so a working day can be managed as though they are sitting in the same room. Not only this, by implementing an effective intranet system, your company will appear much more appealing to prospective employees and will also offer many a chance to work for large companies without having to move away from their area and incur the usually prohibitive costs of city living.

Building relationships

In order to keep your workforce happy, it is essential to understand that all employees have different needs. By allowing employees to work from home, you are able to build better relationships with your staff by showing that you understand and trust them on both a professional but also a personal level, helping foster greater feelings of respect from employees in return. An intranet system helps provides the online space to allow remote working to be feasible.

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