Intranet functionality – Image Cropping

I want to focus a few blogs on the recent release of 5.6.5 – looking at some functionality that came with this monthly build, which will be fully available at the end of January with the production release of Claromentis 5.7

As the first of these today we are looking at the in browser cropping for images with Claromentis.

This functionality enhances the use of images in both News and People Profile. Previously any editing of images had to be done locally before selecting the image for use in these applications.

Intranet News Image Cropping
Intranet News Image Cropping

In both cases the user can now directly crop the image in the browser, before confirming the image for use.

Intranet People Profile Image Cropping

Screen shots above show this is use for both the news application and the people profile.

While these images focus on News and People, the same cropping functionality is available wherever inner file images are used – in any application, including bespoke work developed using the APIs.

A good example of incremental increase in intranet functionality that helps users by making things easier to accomplish, with no dependency on other software or skill sets.

The next blog will look at the image sideshow which is also available in Claromentis 5.6.5

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