Intranet Design Showcase 2009

There are not many example Intranet designs available for review, perhaps because of the nature of the Intranet which is for internal consumption only.  There is no reason why Intranet can’t be functional as well as attractive & pleasing to use, after all who wants to work all day on a badly designed system?

In the show case below we present 5 Intranet designs powered by Claromentis Intranet & Extranet Manager.

MySunPower – SunPower Intranet (USA)


MySunPower hompage is filled with 4 most recent company news. Main navigation is located on the left, while sidebar on the right provides easy access to company calendar, worldtime  & corporate portals such as Competitive Intelligence & Community Portal.  These are also great examples of bespoke development with the Claromentis API to add value to the information layer. CEO blogs are fed through the lower right box.

The Matrix – Consultancy Intranet (UK)

The Albany Intranet

The main area of  displays a greeting box, scrolling notice bar , latest news and what’s new box. On the right hand side there are shortcuts to various application, world time & calendar widgets. The design is clean, sharp and enhanced by glossy glass fx.

Eureka – CareUK Intranet (UK)

Eureka - Care UK Intranet

Clean and simple – Care UK intranet focuses on searching in the middle area. Users are encourage to search information while the most recent company news is displayed at the lower box. The sidebar provides a selection of jump links to other applications or areas within the intranet.

Basecamp – The North Face Intranet (USA)

TNF Basecamp

Basecamp – Accessing The North Face Intranet you will be greeted by a welcome video. Latest blog posts  are displayed on the homepage and the illustration provides user with a shortcut to each individual departmental homepage.

Athena – Nominet Intranet (UK)


Athena – The nominet’s intranet uses “tile-design”, each individual tile is a window to further information. The design is very web 2.0-ish, it looks friendly and inviting. It is good example where an intranet can be beautful as well as functional. I am having too much fun navigating around beautiful icons and tile designs!

Our software has come a long way since 2009. View our gallery to experience our beautiful intranet designs >>
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2 thoughts on “Intranet Design Showcase 2009
  • A very interesting and timely post. In the last few weeks, we’ve had 3 clients ask us how other organisations are using Claromentis for their Intranet and general collaboration requirements, and a critical aspect relates to what users see on the first page.

    Now that Claromentis in Australia has a solid client base, we are thinking about running a client workshop where Claromentis managers can meet together to discuss what works well for them, and what does not.

    Understanding how other organisations present their information is a great starting point to help other customers improve their Intranet.

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