Intranet and Digital Workplace Trends to Look Out For in 2018

Intranet Trends in 2018 | Claromentis

Welcome to 2018! As we start the new year, it’s a good time to think about what 2018 may bring in terms of digital workplace trends. Here’s our pick of what to look out for over the next 12 months:

1) The user experience is more important than ever

In 2017 we dedicated a lot of our blog space to the subject of a “personalised user experience”, and it’s a concept that’s only going to grow in 2018. Digital workplace guru Paul Miller writes that the employee experience [will] play a central role in a powerful digital workplace, and it’s a feat that organisations will need to consider carefully to get right.

Providing users with an engaging employee experience is something we as intranet software providers have been prioritising for many years, and 2018 is no exception; watch this space!

2) AI will play a key role in search

For all the science-fiction out there about how AI will take over the world, the more understated reality is that it will help improve searching.

Intranet search is one of the most important components of a digital workplace. Done well, intranet search allows users to find key information quickly so that they can focus on their everyday tasks; done badly, it can waste hours of work time. Utilising features of AI will make search so much smarter, with elements such as natural language, advanced algorithms, and predictive results expected to become standard.

3) Employee engagement continues to reign

Will there ever be a year where employee engagement isn’t trending? It’s unlikely, and the trend continues to reign in 2018.

Employee engagement is seen as the golden ticket for productive and happy staff, and remains one of the top factors for measuring the success of digital workplace software. Expect to see “improve employee engagement” at the top of the business plan for this year.

4) User analytics will get smarter

Measuring the success of an intranet, marketing campaign, new website, or anything that’s people-centric all rely on one key thing; user analytics. Without this vital data, there’s no way of determining if something was well-received or not.

The importance of user analytics within intranet software keeps growing year-on-year, as it’s a data-driven way of measuring if your intranet is being used. Delving into the specifics, such as the readership of individual pieces of content, number of corporate policy views, and engagement levels with news articles will be made easy with smarter intranet user analytics. The more specific the data, the more informed intranet managers will be to make improvements.

5) Gamification will spread into the entire intranet

Gamification has made waves in the e-learning industry, turning uninspiring training courses into interactive learning experiences. And now there’s demand for gamified features to appear across the whole intranet.

2018 is set to be the year where intranets are their most gamified yet, with businesses affirming that this will boost and maintain user engagement. Fun features such as dynamic progress bars when filling in your user profile, “treasure hunts” that guide you around the intranet, and earning points for adding comments to news articles, will play a big part in increasing the intranet gamification trend over the next 12 months.

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