Image Gallery : Slideshow and Commenting

Image gallery is a popular application within the Claromentis Intranet product suite. There have been a number of recent improvements at the requests of clients, the most recent Intranet Manager build in 5.6.5 includes slide show functionality.


Previously images were just available in a number of images per page, and users navigated from page to page. They could review images directly or add to a light box,  to collections or a download cart as required.

Image Commenting
Image Commenting

While this is acceptable in many use cases, the 5.6.5 release includes both a slide show function – allowing users to navigate rapidly within an album – and also adds commenting on images.

A good example of incremental usability and functionality improvements that we continue to make – often at client request as well as our own vision for where applications need to be. Intranet media management is an important part of the  deployment of our software for many clients, and we will continue to improve this application.

In the next Blog I will review more incremental improvements in the 5.6.5 monthly build – the ability to comment anonymously on news, and having configurable RSS feeds for news channels that opened up the possibility of including permissioned news into RSS feeds where required.

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