HR and the Digital Workplace

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People are what makes the business world go round, and HR teams are the managers. There’s nothing more important than staying connected and digital collaboration software is a great way to bring your HR team together. It can be used to manage tasks and work streams, provide training and software and, most importantly, it brings people together to collaborate effectively.

Intranet software platforms can help your HR team to work on projects together efficiently and with maximum teamwork. The software allows team members to allocate tasks to one another, and responsible parties can log on and let the team know once they have completed their task or work stream. It’s easy to communicate with the rest of the team through project updates and corporate social media functions, taking the hassle out of connecting through technology. Connecting in person isn’t always possible, particularly now that many companies operate flexible working policies or in large businesses where HR teams may be based across different departments and/or offices. Having a digital place for teamwork and connection can help HR teams to work effectively.

How it would work for you

Everyone in the team gets a login to access the extranet and members of the workplace can upload documents, lists, tasks, work products and other documents or data to be viewed by the rest of the team. Messages can be sent to the whole team or to particular members. Because the messages stay on the system it’s particularly helpful for when people can’t be logged in at the same time, because they are working internationally, for example. When team members are online together they can use the instant messaging function, which allows real time communication in an informal and productive way. Keeping close relationships across the team is key to successful team working, and instant messaging can achieve this level of informal connection between team members in a way that email cannot.

Managing projects couldn’t be easier

Having a digital software solution makes project collaboration a breeze. It’s easy to share tasks and keep updated on deadlines. Sometimes tasks can slip off of the radar when someone is working on a key project or on multiple workstreams. Although it’s usually not intentional, losing track of tasks can be understandably frustrating for other team members. Having an easy way to keep on top of things together avoids tension building across a team. Everyone can log on and keep the team updated without feeling like they are being hassled, or letting people down. Having a group working space is also great for motivation, particularly for junior employees. Allowing everyone to see the bigger picture and how it all fits together can help to make sure they feel a part of the team and understand the commercial drivers behind what is being asked of them.

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Helping to protect your documents and the environment

Confidentiality is crucial to a lot of the work carried out by HR. Sensitive personal information may be contained in documents that would result in a breach of law and/or policy if it went missing. Important policies or business announcements not yet released could cause a lot of damage if leaked. Sharing documents online avoids the need for printing, as everyone has easy access. This can help avoid some of the risk associated with using hard copy documents.

Printing costs are also cut as it’s easier to view documents online. This doesn’t just help your business, it’s also really good for the environment.

Bringing in third parties or the rest of the business

HR teams may find themselves working with consultants, advisers or other service providers on different projects. It is often helpful for them to have access to some of the business systems, but getting this in place isn’t always easy. Collaborative software makes this a breeze. You can give third parties a login to look at your workspace so that they can access documents, see task lists and contribute content. There’s no need to worry about them seeing something they shouldn’t, though, as you can easily control what they can see.

Collaborative software can also be used to set up training or e-learning for use by the rest of the business. It’s an easy way to manage the learning and development needs of your team.

Creating a digital workplace for your HR team

It couldn’t be easier to set up intranet software for your team. Claromentis would be delighted to help you get everything set up. And if you’re not sure whether it’s for you we can help you to decide by giving you more information about what the systems can offer. To learn more about setting up a digital workplace give us a call on 0800 409 6101 or drop us an email with any questions!