How You Can Leverage Productivity Gains Through the Intranet

How You Can Leverage Productivity Gains Through the Intranet | Claromentis

One of the biggest challenges faced by the workforce today is that of rapidly changing technologies. The rate of change in technology has been massive over the last two decades and many companies and employees are getting left behind. According to the Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends Report 2017, one of the biggest challenges facing companies is that they are unable to keep up with the potential productivity improvements that are offered by new technologies.

While this challenge is not going to go away, it also offers an opportunity to businesses. If you can pull your company in line with the technological advancements then you will be able to ride a wave of increased productivity and capitalise on the developing technology that is available, such as e-learning and intranet software. Herein we explore how you can use your intranet to maximise productivity through technology.

Using a digital workplace to encourage development

Intranet software can be used in the most basic function of internal networking, communications and the housing of static forms, but it has the potential to be far more than this. If you can use your intranet to close the gap between productivity and technological developments, then you can benefit from a more effective and productive workforce. By creating a digital workplace that encourages learning and fosters innovation among colleagues, you can start to leverage greater potential and productivity from your employees.

Creating accessible and effective technology learning programmes through your intranet software can help you to improve the understanding and skills of employees to this end. Your intranet system can then be customised to encourage new skill development and to innovate for the future. According to the Deloitte study, the use of such internal training programs for technological development has increased from 47% in 2015 to 64% in 2017. Using training programs in this way within your company is a necessity when it comes to boosting employee productivity.

Promoting business objectives though intranet

The integration of intranet software into your digital workplace should also help to champion your business objectives in upskilling your employees to help realise their potential and drive your company forward. Customising your intranet software to clearly demonstrate how the actions and learning initiatives you have in place are pushing forward delivery of the organisation’s KPIs and overall objectives can help to encourage your staff to work together towards the same values and goals. Through collaboration between managers and employees, brought about by a common piece of software open to all tiers of your company, you will evoke a culture that will support staff involvement at all levels.

By tying the learning and development into your business plans and objectives you can help to keep the company focused on ongoing improvement and growth through internal betterment, and you will be able to assign short and long-term targets and projects to specific departments to help get them on board. Intranet software can leverage this drive towards productivity by communicating values and delivering the means to achieve them in an accessible and effective manner. This can be tailored to help change cultures within industry to promote a greater and more cohesive championing of values.

Achieving technology objectives through intranet

When using your intranet as a lever to achieve higher productivity through technology it is essential that you work with individual business units to create alignment between the whole and individual needs of each area. Technology needs to be understood and the potential benefits need to be determined in the facilitation of strategic objectives of the business. You must work with the resources that you have in place, both human and tech, to develop a roadmap that is most effective in achieving both the short and long-term objectives.

To achieve these technology objectives you will need to interlink the IT department with the HR department regularly to ensure that all training and developments are working towards the same HR and business goals. To increase productivity with technology, both human and software developments need to be leveraged through the use of your intranet software. You will also need the HR team to help understand which day-to-day processes of your employees will need to be improved so that you can maximise productivity and to help implement any training.

Achieving productivity gains

Any business has a great deal to gain from leveraging their intranet software towards maximising productivity through technological integration in the workplace. The original investment in development can pay for itself many times over in increased output from staff.

As the Deloitte study demonstrates, the gap between productivity potential and realisation through technology is a wide one that needs to be bridged. By leveraging productivity gains through training and e-learning your intranet can help you to capitalise on the new opportunities that this technology has to offer. The rapid development of technology means that both businesses and employees need to rapidly adapt to new methods of operation and development that enable them to work more effectively and benefit from the productivity improvements now on offer.

Use your intranet to leverage this increased productivity and you will be able to experience growth and success in your company that will last.

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