How to Reduce Your Training Costs Using E-learning Software

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Managing your training requirements can be a tricky business. Not only do you need to keep track of which members of staff have received which training, but you also need to deliver the training and ensure that everyone has met their legal obligations and no vital certifications have expired. Traditionally, companies have tracked this by using spreadsheets or paper documents. This can turn into a total nightmare if pieces of paper get lost or documents get out of sync. Suddenly, there could be an inspector at your door and you’ll have no idea whether you’ve met your training obligations or not.

E-learning software helps to fix all of these issues. It can keep track of which employees have completed training, automatically remind you when compulsory training is due for renewal and deliver the training to your employees on their work or home computers. It’s suitable for businesses of all sizes and the increasing availability of ‘off the shelf’ training options means that it might not cost as much as you think. Read on to discover how e-learning software could save your business a fortune and save you from several headaches.

Inducting new employees

Traditionally, training has been an expensive part of the induction process. If you’re only bringing on one new staff member at a time, it can be tricky for senior members of the team to take hours out of their schedule to conduct training. This means that you have a choice between creating a significant amount of downtime or leaving your new employee unable to carry out certain parts of their job until you can justify running a training session.

E-learning takes care of this issue. You only have to build each course once and it can then be undertaken by as many employees as required anywhere at any time. This means that any new staff members can get up to speed on your policies and procedures as soon as they start. They’ll also be able to refresh themselves by taking the course again at any time. You can include quizzes and tests in your training to ensure that they’ve understood what they’ve learned and set reminders if they’re required to take the same training again after a certain period of time. A good e-learning setup and learning management system could save even a relatively small business hundreds of hours over the course of a year.

Meeting your legal obligations

Most businesses are required to carry out certain types of training at set intervals. Even if that training is only a fire drill or a first-aid course, it’s important to stay on top of your obligations. Failing to do so could leave your business open to prosecution or a significant fine. Learning management solves this problem by giving you a constantly updated record of which employees have taken which training course. After a training course is completed, you can tell the system how long can elapse before the training has to be refreshed. It will then be able to send you or your employee a notice in advance of this date to ensure that the refresher training is taken and everything is up to date. If the relevant course is an e-learning course that the employee can take at their desk, then there’s every chance that you won’t have to involve yourself in the process at all.

If your courses have to be delivered in person then your e-learning system can still help you to keep everything organised. It can remind you and your staff when the training is required and will make it far easier for you to gather all of the required people in a room when it’s time for the training to be undertaken.

Non-office based staff

A good e-learning system is also ideal for staff who don’t work in your office. Traditionally, managing training for these members of your team has been particularly difficult. If you don’t see them often then it’s easy for them to slip through the net and for you to suddenly discover that it’s been months or years since a vital bit of knowledge was last refreshed. E-learning takes care of this by automatically reminding you and your field staff when it’s time for training. The member of staff can undertake the training at their convenience wherever they are in the country or the world. The computer will test them on the training and then record that they’ve completed it successfully. It will then remind them when the training is due to be renewed and start the entire process again. Once everyone is comfortable with the setup, you may well find that you rarely need to get involved in the process at all.

E-learning is a fabulous opportunity for businesses big and small to streamline their processes and reduce their costs. By switching to a learning management system, you could save yourself from major potential problems in the years to come.

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